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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Frugal Redecorating

People too often spend lots of money on redecorating. Tony did not. Tony redecorated for less than $30. I went to his house to take a picture of his leaning shed. He wanted me to come in and see what he had painted. The curtains in the brown dining room were already there.
 Notice how they are extended beyond both sides of the window.

Then, look on the opposite wall below.
Note the design on the left wall.
Now, note the curtain design in the first picture. He said he decided he wanted to "do something." He drew the design on the two walls above, a corner, mirroring the curtains on the opposite wall. At Lowe's he bought paint in tiny bottles to paint the design, pints I think. I think the green was purchased in a quart, but he only used half of it. In these first three pictures you see the dark brown walls he painted last year. He did "something" that made a difference in the look and satisfied him. 

Christmas tree in dining room
To the right of the tree is the painted wall. I love how he matched the tree ornaments to the paint and the curtains. So clever.
Christmas decorations for the dining table.
This is his dining room table, decorated for Christmas with amaryllis, turquoise ball, candles and peacock feathers in glass vases. Everything was from his supplies of wedding accessories. He mentioned the dining table also was his desk. This is so pretty that his papers on the table are barely noticeable.
He changed the look of the room with only $30 worth of paint and a little recycling and talent.
Kitchen view
I just love the view into his kitchen as I turned from the dining table. Of course, the ornaments colors from the dining room blend seamlessly into the kitchen and the pot rack.
He is the friend who took Molly for me. You can see the room color in the dining room here.  There, he is sitting in the living room, but you can see the brown wall in the dining room and the pot rack beyond.
I think his $30 with a lot of talent was well-spent. He did not change the whole room to make an impact.
Your turn
Maybe this is not your style, but do you think he did well with his investment? Do you ever change/redecorate one area of a room to achieve a different look? You can tell me how you changed something for little investment. I would like to hear.



  1. He is a designer not by education but by trade and talent. Everything he touches is so dramatic. I will tell him talent is well-admired.


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