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Monday, January 13, 2014

No pictures--too horrid!

Turkey Grease
Friday, when I was baking the turkey, I took it out and put it on the counter on two oven mitts. You remember they are not level on the counter? I did too. But, I made the pan level by putting a dishtowel under one edge.

Then, the baking bag full of boiling broth sort of slipped off the lip of the pan right at the edge of the counter, and greasy turkey broth was running onto the counter and front top edge of the dishwasher. I shrieked, grabbed for the dishtowel to hike up the front edge of the pan, making the broth level in the pan. At the same time I yelled for exbf to bring the towel on the towel rack. We had dried our hands on it only and it was one of the old, raggedy towels. Germs were not on my mind.

Ten seconds later the full, torn edge of the bag was hanging off the edge of the counter with greasy broth running down the front of the dishwasher into a puddle about ten inches across.  As I moved and saw the puddle, I stepped in it.

 I yelled for exbf to grab a bath towel. He brought me the only truly good bath towel on the shelf! So, I put it in the floor after I wiped the front of the dishwasher. It was horrid. I plated dinner and we ate. Later, I discovered the dishwasher was full of grease. I wiped and did a halfway job and went to bed. No, I did not clean it on Saturday. I had to leave early and got home and was exhausted. So, sue me for not cleaning up the mess.

Sunday night, I was ready to tackle the mess. I had just about finished emptying the dishwasher. Next, I was going to load it and clean the counter, front of dishwasher, and the floor.

Glass Trifle Bowl
One day last week, I decided I had better things to store in my cabinet than my trifle bowl, so I took it down from the cabinet where it has lived for thirty years. I debated as to whether to sell it or donate it. Tonight, I moved it from where the grease was on the counter, telling myself to remember not to break it.

The trifle bowl shattered right in the greasy place. Oh, the majority of the grease was wiped up, but not cleaned up. I had been avoiding stepping in the area. The trifle bowl landed almost on my foot. The footed stem remains with a horrible nasty jagged top that could have really injured me. It hit my pants, but not my skin, thankfully.

A delicious candy cane that was in the trifle bowl broke, too. I was saving that!

So, I might as well tell you now--I found a dead rat. When the rats were rampant, I wondered one day why the clothes basket in the kitchen had lots of washcloths spilling out. I wondered aloud to exbf about how all the clothes I just put there the day before got all over. He volunteered that he did not do it. I was already thinking that a rat must be dragging them out.

When I found the washcloths and socks out of the basket, I left them where they were and put one of the glue traps near a path they would take to get to the cloths. Last night, I was looking in the file cabinet that has lived behind the two doors that open and hide the corner and file cabinet. There on a box where the rat had dragged down from the basket up high, were my socks and washcloths. Should I throw out the sock where the rat died? Exbf says wash the sock. I say throw it out. Yes, I am going to wash the whole basket of clothes, actually about half full.

The poison finally killed all the rats. Now, I am finding them as I knew I would--dead in places I don't want dead rodents!

And so it goes
I must still clean up greasy floor, dishwasher, clean up glass, make a decision about my sock while I gag. I am afraid to touch anything for fear of multiplying this mess further. I will never bake a turkey on a boiler pan minus the slotted tray ever again. I invest in a deeper pan at the thrift store!!!!

Your turn
Should I wash the sock? Toss it? Call a cleanup crew for the kitchen? jk I know someone has had such a mess and catastrophies cascading. So, will you entertain me with your tale of woe?


  1. Aaargh.
    We buy our olive oil in tins. Big tins. And decant it into smaller jars as we need it. One day I picked up the tin to start the decanting process. The bottom fell out and about six litres of olive oil poured down the cupboard and across the floor. Where it seeped under the cupboards (fixed), the dishwasher, the stove... It took weeks before the oil wasn't oozing across the floor and it was safe(ish) for me to walk on it. And I don't know how many times I washed the floor.

    1. I suddenly feel so much better. Oil/fat is just about the worst thing to drop/spill and have to clean up. When I saw where mine spilled, I did wonder how much was underneath the dishwasher. Hopefully, this won't be such an ordeal. Thanks for sharing that.

  2. are you sure you werent at my house by mistake?

    1. kylie,
      Oh, then I want to go home to my house with no grease and glass on the floor.

  3. I've never had an in-house oil spill. I'm very sorry for you. I know finding the dead rats is nasty, but I guess it's better than finding them alive.


  4. That was the worst spill I have ever had. I knew I would find them. I just had not faced the moment. The rats are all gone and I have a marathon cleaning event ahead of me. Thanks.

  5. Do you ever feel like going back to bed and asking the Lord for a do-over? I'm so glad you weren't hurt by hot grease or broken glass.

    1. Sue,
      I honestly just wanted to walk out the door and walk away from it all! I was dodging that grease. And, when the trifle bowl tipped off, I turned my head away, afraid broken glass might fly up. I felt very lucky.

  6. Dead mice and rats are a good thing. I know you wouldn't rather sit up all night chasing them off. DEAD equals good.

    Several years ago my son and his children needed to come live with us for a couple of months. I was delighted to be able to have them her EXCEPT the children had pet rats. OH NO YOU DON'T! Fortunately they were not so attached that they weren't able to part with those rodents. I mean seriously? You expected me to welcome rats into my home? I think not!

    1. Janet,
      Dead is good! I agree. I knew they died but dreaded finding them. I found one in the middle of the floor and this one behind the door. There is at least one more, possible two or three.

      Oh, I don't blame you for not welcoming rats into your house. aaack!

  7. We managed to get rid of all the mice(so far) by putting down glue traps and poison blocks. I did have to get rid of three bodies but I would rather have dead bodies then alive mice.

    When my daughter was younger she managed to get the lid off a bottle of oil at my moms house and pour it all over the kitchen tiles. I swear it was horrible, but Dawn dish detergent cleaned it all up and managed to get rid of the oil residue.

    I hope your week gets better

    1. j,
      I am glad you got rid of your mice. I will never again try to rid my house of rodents without poison! Those glue traps were 2/$3, so that was expensive.

      Not quite as bad, but my daughter emptied a full bottle of conditioner on my mother's new tile bathroom. Then, she sat down and rubbed it into the whole floor. My mother was never so angry at one of my children as she was then.

      Yep, poison is the way to go with rodents.

      Thanks. It just about has to get


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