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Friday, January 3, 2014

30 F Indoors

9 am
16 F outdoors.
40 F in the den.
30 F in my bedroom.
Ice 2 inches thick outdoors.
1 heater just turned on.
This hurts.
Back to your regular programming.


  1. Hope you have lots of heavy socks, sweaters, long johns, comforters, gloves or fingerless gloves and hats to layer upon layer. Being cold is painful and it's hard to warm up - main reason we moved to Florida.
    Take care

    1. Bellen,
      I did not sign up for this kind of weather. I am layered but obviously not enough!

  2. Why so cold? Heater not working properly?

    1. making cents,
      How about no heater, drafty, old house. Well, I have an insufficient heater, but it would not get the room above freezing. I cannot feel it one foot from it. I think it is dying besides being inefficient.

  3. Heat is a luxury for the wealthy. I went to the grocery store last night and milk was $4.05/gal. I can live without a lot of things, but don't take away my milk.


    1. You are so correct. Milk is $2.69./gal. here. Don't
      deprive me of milk, bananas, chocolate.

    2. Oh, my! I haven't been able to get milk at that price in a long time. Occasionally, Walgreen's has it for 2.99 and I buy several gallons and freeze a couple of them. That sale price may disappear, though.

    3. Janie,
      Walmart price matches Aldi's low price on milk. Otherwise, Dollar General and Walgreen's are the other two places for low milk prices.

  4. Linda, have you ever seen the video of the man in Britain who heats a room in his house with tea lights and clay pots? I'll see if I can find it for you. -1C in your bedroom? That has to be depressing!

    1. I saw the guy who heated a tiny office he lived in. Burning candles brings it's own set of problems for my lungs. Yes, it is hard to bear, but not unbearable. I am still suffering! These are ten foot ceilings and huge rooms.

  5. Have you tried the plastic window tape a sheet of plastic sealing all the edges leaving an air space in between. You can even tighten it up enough to see out by blowing on it with a hair dryer. Our first apartment had 10 foot ceilings, large windows, and an insufficient heater. We insulated all the windows this way and it really helped cut the drafts off and around the windows. We'd put clean bricks in the oven to warm them up and sit with them wrapped in a towel either in our laps or at our feet. After heating up the bricks, we'd leave the oven door open to allow the heat to warm up the kitchen. My husband used a clay flower pot over the propane flame on the kitchen range. I am always afraid it will throw off fumes, but it honestly it puts out more heat than the heater in the room and I figure there is probably enough air flow through our 1930's house for ventilation. You need wool throws and blankets. I know they are expensive to buy, but have you thought about purchasing wool sweaters at the thrift store or garage sales and fashioning them into a wool throw. Just cut them off at the arms and use the bodies of the sweaters as large afghan squares. Whip them together with some yarn and you'll have a large, thick wool blanket and it shouldn't cost that much. It could be next summer's project.

    1. Jane,
      All good ideas!
      Cannot afford all the window plastic.
      Cannot climb ladder.
      Cannot walk long enough to search thrift store.
      Cannot afford wool blankets except the $1 very small one.
      When I could search thrift stores, I wanted one sweater to felt. In six months, I never found even one. By the time I had sewed a blanket of sweaters, it would be 90 degrees out.
      I have a few filthy bricks in the mud keeping river out of hens' pen.
      I have electric stove.
      It is easy to sit and cover up and stay warm. Then, I need to cook, eat, pee, just move about rather than stay still for days. Typing is a trial because my fingers get sooo cold.
      You mentioned "we" put up window plastic. There is no "we" around here. I am not sort on ventilation in this 1902 house! LOL


  6. The "we" was my husband and myself, although I'm not sure how much help I really was. That apartment was so cold. It was a large, old, drafty house that had been turned into 5 apartments. Our bedroom was an addition that stuck out on it's own away from the rest of the house. There was one small space heater in the dining room. It was about 1,000 square feet of cold.


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