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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Just a Leaning

A tired building just waiting
Saving this building will be much cheaper than building anew. I have viewed the back of the garage since 1977. See the pine tree over the right side of the roof? That is my tree. So are several of the others.
My neighbor around the corner has this ancient garage that intrigues me with its lean. I have been meaning to take a picture for ages. Today, I stopped and asked. He is going to have to remove it, so I am just in time. He hopes to save it. Tony is a florist who gave up the business but still has all the decorations/props for the wedding he still enjoys. He stored everything here, so he still needs a studio.
By the way, his house is in great condition. The garage was built on the ground, not something he would do. The garage was barely leaning until we had a big wind, then the garage submitted to the insistence of nature. Until today, the garage was jam-packed with florist wedding pieces. The old flower cooler is all that is left. The rest was in the yard.
Look to the far left of the picture. 

a romantic door
The door intrigues me. It has just been set out of the garage. That and the metal in front of it are wedding trappings. I want a door like that, really, just like that. The table is a rough table he sometimes uses for weddings. 

 Jackson vine/Smilax
The old bike belonged to Tony's mother. He painted it and used it in the window of his florist shop. I think he said he used it for wedding decorations. When he closed his shop, he hung it on this wall of the garage and nature took over.
Even though I know exactly who owned the bike and how it came to be here, I imagine that some woman or girl hung her bike on the wall, intending to return. For an unknown reason, she never came back. Life went on and the vines partially obscured her bike. Yes, I have written the story.
The evergreen vine is not all Jackson vine. Some of those, the reddish vines, are thorn vines. The leaves are a glossy heart shape and the vines have lethal thorns about 3/4 inches long. The roots or tubers, not sure which, are about six-inches under the ground, about ten-inches long, and three-inches in diameter. Ask me how I know.
Jackson Smilax is the vine Southerners put on their table when Stonewall Jackson graced their homes. So, this was my little side-trip today while exbf was at my house doing things I cannot do.
Your turn
Do you ever watch a building or object that others probably don't even notice. Do you watch its progress and care what happens next? 


  1. Buildings leaning like that bother me. All a person would have to do is to pull them straight with ratchet straps, vehicle, or come-a-long, and then install a couple of diagonal boards. Such a waste...

  2. The bottom of this one has boards sitting on the ground and rotting. It is a waste, for sure. I suggested pulling it straight and then nailing to keep it square. That is when he told me about the rotted bottom. I just hope he can salvage it.

  3. I am almost always sad to see the older building go, but lots of the modern monstrosities can't go soon enough for me.
    Old buildings and old trees hold my heart.

    1. EC,
      I am absolutely sorry to see it go if it does. I am encouraging him to salvage it. Of course, I can only mention it so much. Oh yes, tree and buildings hold a special place in my heart.

  4. Saving your shed could be a risky job, could it not?

  5. Snow,
    It could be, but this guy has lots of guy friends who will tackle it. It will not be just one guy against a shed.


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