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Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you

I don't think so
I don't make resolutions. It seems that is just an invitation to failure. My goals do not have to result in continuous guilt or be completed to perfection. I cannot fail. I refuse to feel guilty.

However, I do have goals. Mostly, they are the same each year. If not the same, I will add a goal and drop another, so that over time the goals seems consistent.

The older I become, the more important it is that health matters are at the forefront. Even without health insurance, I have managed to keep a check on certain health issues. In some areas, all is excellent. I have managed to avoid high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and thyroid problems. On the other hand, I need to continue monitoring all these. Now, I have insurance.

*MRI on 1-3-11 for knee
*visit to dermatologist (skin cancer runs in father's family)
*further thyroid checks (half of thyroid taken out few years ago)
*lose weight
*tests for other issues

You might wonder why I did not list losing weight as a resolution or goal. I didn't because excess weight is a health issue. Even with all my excess weight, I have managed to avoid through my own efforts and extraordinarily good genes many of the health issues associated with being overweight. This could all change with the next test I have.

Even as I make little progress on income, I still try to make the most of my financial resources. My goal is to increase my monthly income by $300 each month this coming year. Another financial goal is to further decrease spending.

*get paid for my writing elsewhere
*craft more resumes for people
*ramp up my use of coupons to maximize savings
*sell more of my possessions that need to go
*drive even less

It never seems right to just try to make more money or just to spend less. Both efforts will more likely assure success in the financial area of my life.

House repairs
This is long overdue and beyond the scope of my wallet or hammer

Clutter control
My clutter is not my slovenliness or hoarding. Things were salvaged from one huge wet area of my house to just three rooms, making living not fun. Right now, just organizing is the goal. Throwing out or selling what I find is secondary and must move higher on the list of to-dos.

Hen House
My pretty hens need a secure house outside. They do not like it when I sleep until 9:30 like today and they must be confined to a small crate in the house with me. Besides, they pull chest feathers, don't get enough sunlight to lay eggs, and are just frustrated all around. I have been very ill for the last week, so getting up and taking them out is not high on my list of priorities right now.

Grow more food
This should be an easy goal since my health last year coupled with my procrastination precluded my growing much. Plus, I needed to guard my plants. Chickens will destroy them if not protected. I can do better!

*organize pots, seeds, and supplies early
*germinate early
*garden in the shrubs
*use chicken wire

My goals all need to be broken down into naturally occurring sequences. But, that is what's on the agenda for the next year. Some of the goals do reoccur each year, not because I do not attain the goal, but because I strive to do better or continue with success. For example, I will never take "health" from my list of goals because I either need to improve my health or make sure it continues as is and does not deteriorate.

Since I am ill, tonight will be a night in with a bag of chips and dip and Diet Coke. That is not a good use of my resources or a way to improve my health, but it works for me right now.

Happy New Year!


  1. Great goals, Linda!
    It scares me that you didnt have health insurance, but I'm glad you have it now, and that you are going for a checkup in a couple of days.

    Have a great New Year!

  2. I have some similar goals, such as decluttering / organising and growing more food. I had this idea of planting one seed every day of the year (I have this lofty goal of being able to eat at least one thing that is home grown every day for 12 months - even if it's a herb garnish) , but I've already missed a day due to disorganisation. Hope you are feeling better now and the best of luck for attaining your goals this year

  3. Simply Bonkers, going in for MRI today!

    mrsgreen@myzerowaste, I am feeling much better! Thanks. That is really a good goal or two goals. Planting a seed a day is a great idea. Even frozen or canned would count as eating one thing grown by you.


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