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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One little tip for staying well

Staying well?
Do you actively avoid becoming ill? I thought so--mixed results. Some of you do nothing. Others try to stay well. No one wants to become ill, lose sleep, productivity, work, and spread it to the whole family. But, how do you actively avoid becoming ill? Vitamins? Exercise?  Adequate sleep? Avoiding crowds? Not drinking and eating after sick people? Even family?

All alone?
I am single, so there is no one to become ill in my household if I contract even a cold. That means there is no one to spread germs to me. Most importantly, no one is here to take care of me, to feel my feverish brow, to comfort me, fetch water and sustenance, medicine, nothing.

Nip it in the bud
I do take generic sinus medication and chest congestion medication as soon as I need to instead of waiting until I have an infection that needs a trip to the doctor and an antiobiotic OR two weeks to run its course.

This one habit I have, one little tip, keeps me free of flu, strep, and other nasty stuff.


Carry and use your own pen.
I don't care how silly it seems, but I always dig for my pen. No, I don't care how long you wait behind me in any line. Why? Because you are not going to pay my bills or soothe my feverish brow when I am sick! You will not entertain me, pick up a prescription, drive me to the doctor, or tell me how sorry you are that I am miserable.

If you mumble, I will still dig for the pen. If you sigh or complain, I keep looking. Yes, I know you are back there rolling your eyes, shooting poisoned arrows and darts into the back of my head. Do you want to know how much I care? Really, you want to know? I don't care at all. Why? Because you will not come to my aid when I am too ill to care for myself. You will not pay for the antibiotics I might need.

So, you might ought to spend the time waiting for me to fish out a pen by fishing out your own pen to use. Yes, I know I should have had it out ahead of time. Well, sometimes I do have my pen ready! So, there!

Mostly, I just remember that I am going to need a pen and slip one in my pocket so I won't have to search in my purse. I do try not to be a pain and hold up the line. But, I will be a pain if I must.

Okay, so I am sorry sort of, apologize sincerely, and try to hurry. Bottom line--I will keep searching for my pen.

Yes, some illnesses are airborne. I do the best I can with the pen avoidance.

Where do you stand in line and use a pen outside your home?

doctor's office
grocery store
food stamp office
courtesy desk
health department
gas station
child's school (eeek)
attorney's office
Post Office
sweepstakes forms on counters
customer service desk
co-worker's pen

(Remember, even an orthopedic surgeon or periodontist will have some people who are ill. It takes only one person leaving germs to make you ill.) Okay, I would not worry too much about some places like the orthodontist, but lots of people have handled the pen.

You could probably add twice this many to my list. How many people use the pen that is provided? If only one person does and that person transmits germs to the pen, oh well, you are liable to catch something.

Sometimes when I do forget to get out a pen and must dig for a pen and hold up a line, I have seen and heard people in the line behind me talking. "That's a good idea." "I am going to use mine, too." "Why didn't I think of that?" Then, there is the inevitable digging and scratching around for a pen.

Which group would you be in--the grumbling, hateful eyerollers or the grateful group who will dig for a pen to avoid germs?

This is not a flu season pecadillo of mine. I will hold up a line in July!

At the doctor's check-in window/counter:
Receptionist: after watching me dig and mutter that I had a pen, "You can use this one."
She planted it firmly in the place it lay before as though I might be blind.
Me: "No, I have one of my own."
Receptionist: "Everyone else uses it."
Me: "That's the point."
Receptionist: "Oh, okay, I understand."
At this point, a receptionist will often offer me her personal pen or say, "Here's one that no one has used today." She will give me one from her stash beyond the glass window.

Your turn
Do you think about how many people use that community pen? Do you think any of them were ill? Did they all wash their hands after going to the bathroom? Do you think I am silly and paranoid?


  1. Oh Linda this was just great, Yes I carry my own pen, but rather than dig through my purse I will use one that is available, not going to do that anymore. I take vitamins too, to try to stay healthy and keep viruses and germs at bay. Have a Fabulous & Frugal Day !!!!

  2. Thanks. I know I should take vitamins. I bought people Vitamin D for the hens. But, I am lax. The pneumonia shot I had last year has kept sinus infections at bay. Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


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