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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Easy Craft Supply Present

Craft Studio
Copy this?
As I was strolling along, rolling along, that is, I saw a product that could easily and cheaply be duplicated.

Unpaid advertising?
Okay, I am giving credit where credit is due. I was in a Walmart Super Center and this is a Simplicity product that costs $8. So, I have advertised. Really, I am presenting this as something you can do for a little child for Christmas. I took three examples of color combinations to a pattern cabinet and took a picture to show you. The end ones are turned around to give you a better idea of color combinations.

Craft and sewing scraps
Now, let's consider how you can make this at home from scraps. If you are frugal like me, you save two inches of ribbon or lace for use in other projects. (that one googly eye!)

The jar
The jar can be replaced by a plastic jar you wash out after the product is used--mayonaisse and peanut butter come to mind. The jar on the shelf is larger than a quart. But, even a small, plastic peanut butter jar would work for lesser supplies.

The jar contained ribbon, felt stickers, pom poms, and all sorts of items I don't remember. There was a chunky plastic bracelet in at least one of the jars. I have barrettes like I decorated many years ago. (Remember the bows that were wired onto barrettes, They had many loops on each barrette.) If you notice, the jars on the shelf are color coordinated. That is not necessary. But, it works if you want to do so.

I suppose you can choose what best suits the child, the craft supplies, and the mother of the child. Maybe washable glue would be best. An older child who owned a glue little, cheap, cool glue gun might just use it for this jar of crafts.

May birthdays for girls
Both my granddaughters have birthdays in May. They will be ten- and four-years-old. I think I will copy this idea for each of them. As I find bits of ribbon or appliques, I will stash them in one of my canvass bags to sort into jars for each of the girls.

April birthday for a boy
For the younger grandson's birthday in April.  I might make one for him, too. I have some elephants, camo things, brown ribbon, green ribbon. So, he might just make a collage instead of jewelry. The boy will be six. Maybe collecting plastic bugs from yard sales will work for him. Of course, I will let serendipity and synchronicity guide me.

February birthday
If you can think of anything that would work on this order for a sixteen-year-old boy, clue me in. Since I get all the markers he and his sister need for school, and crafts are probably not his thing right now, I just cannot thing of anything. Since I am giving him a camera for Christmas (bought for less than $20--one of my deals), he will only get a bathrobe. The robe was $70 and I paid $10.

Camera for his sister (I digress)
With my Office Max cartridge and toner recycling, her $100+ camera will be less that $10. Still, they will be informed that this is a combination Christmas/birthday present. They just cannot expect this caliber of gift (camera) from me on future gift-giving occassions. The ten-year-old will get a box of summer clothes bought on sale ($1-$3), used, and free-to-me items. My daughter won't need to buy many summer clothes!

Your turn
Kind of glue? Idea for sixteen-year-old boy jar? Confess! You have a ton of scraps, right?

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