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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Mrs. Santa, crochet, bags, and nail clippers

For Amelia

I crochet this doll blanket for my g-daughter in spare moments in the car or in any waiting room. If I get this finished on time, then I will start an Auburn doll/bear/dog blanket in blue and orange for my grandson's stuffed animals. The pink blanket needs about four more rounds, a round of single crochet and a shell stitch around the edge. It is cheap acrylic yarn--sturdy.

Child's play
When I was eight-years-old, I learned to crochet in 4-H. I suppose now-a-days little girls don't want to learn this art.

My skill level--very low
I can crochet a chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet, and triple crochet--that's it. Ooops, shell stitch and picot, too. For a blanket I just make a granny square until it is large enough for a baby blanket (3 ft) or a doll blanket (18 inches). Both are made for gifts.

This blanket will only be about 12" because it is a tiny doll, second hand, that I am giving her. Mainly, I am tired of crocheting.

My daughter would beg me to make one for her little friend every time she was invited to a birthday party.

In 4-H I made a beanie. It is somewhere around here! I don't like increasing and decreasing, but I can do it. It is impossible for me to make anything that calls for going back and forth--sad sight. Scarves are out. I have absolutely zero desire to make an afghan from little granny squares.

Yeah, I know I am not Mrs. Claus, but she must be just as busy.

The yarn bag
The bag is one from my bag stash. It is roomy enough for two skeins of yarn. I pulled them out for this picture. Otherwise, they are further down in the bag. Did you see the pair of nail clippers attached to the handle, just to the right of the white skein? Nail clippers don't poke or cut on their own. Plus, a chain through the hole in the clippers keeps them from getting lost, and they are always at the top of the bag.

Your turn
Are you giving crocheted items as gifts? How skilled are you? Blankets are my "specialty." (actually, the only thing I crochet) What is your specialty?


  1. I've only crocheted a couple of scarves and afghans. I quit smoking while crocheting the first afghan I made and went from small, neat loops to great big ole looping stitches, so half the afghan was narrower than the other half!

  2. Dmarie, that is so funny. I can just see the crazy crochet. I could always tell when I was changing the tension. But, I go back and forth from loose to tight and back. Still laughing here....
    With both hands injured, this has tight and big loopy stitches side by side...tight, loose, loose, rhyme or reason. I am headed off to the ER since I just fell and whacked my head on concrete steps and having trouble with nausea. Since I plan to crochet while there, no telling what this little doll blanket will look like.

  3. oh, MY, you poor dear. sure hope you got the best possible diagnosis!

  4. I decided to wait until morning. In this small town an MRI would have to wait until then. Road rash on huge knot on forehead, elbow with a patch of skin gone. Hurting--head, neck, back, shoulders, ribs, hip, knees, eyebrow, ear.My house is too dirty for me to die!

  5. I understand waiting. hope you're better today??

  6. The ER never sent in a doctor, just physicians assistant who was so brilliant he never took notes. They only noted elbow and knee injuries, never mentioned head. Took x-rays, then shrugged off head injuries and just a "bad bump on your head." No need to bother with that. Brains are less important that knees. Right? So,I will drive to doctor 50 miles away!

  7. X-rayed only knees and elbows!


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