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Friday, December 10, 2010

Turnip Experiment

I received these turnips in the chicken food from the market. They were starting to sprout.

My plan
Cut off the tops of the turnips, leaving 1/2 inch of turnip and plant. No, someone threw the rest of my scavenged turnips to chickens, except for these three. These have never seen the hens. I would have had chicken and people food.

I really love turnip greens but hate the turnip. My hens feel the same way.

See the roots at the bottom? The bowl has a bit of water. I put a bit more in several times a day. The potholder keeps the water to one side so I don't have to soak the whole turnip. You cannot see it, but the turnip roots (I thought turnips were the 'roots.') are tucked down to get water. Otherwise, two of the three stick right up out of the water.

Your turn
Has anyone done this? One week after this picture, they are still thriving. It is cold out, but will these grow outdoors if protected under glass? What would you do? Are you getting sick of my yellow counter?  LOL


  1. I love yellow, especially in the kitchen!

    I know that carrots & parsnips are bi-enniels (sp?). They grow seed the second year. Turnip might be the same way. Either way they should still grow nice tops. With carrots you cut off all but about an inch of the carrot before replanting.

    Try cooking, nuking, grating, or grinding the roots for the hens. Either soften them or make them into beak sized pieces so the hens can get into them.

  2. recently came across a turnip recipe that was pretty much like my candied carrots recipe: steam or boil 'til tender, then sprinkle with brown sugar & stir til melted and vegetables are glazed. can't wait to try it with turnips. good luck with your experiment!

  3. Wendy, Thanks. Maybe the hens would like turnips cooked. I might just try that.

    dmarie, I will have to work up my Thanks for the idea.

    Hens were made for pecking things apart. They really do seem to appreciate my dicing celery and other things for them...spoiled little hens.


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