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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Buying in Bulk

  Allergy Solution
Yes, this is a medical thing. Since I was a child, I have had itchiness from lips to past my tonsils from some allergen. It's torture. Nothing seems to help--except this.

Wasted time
Yes, sometimes we value our time as much as we do our money. I try not to waste my money. I try not to waste my time on futile pursuits.

Six months
. . . is a long time to pursue something, driving from groceries stores, to drugstores, and on to gas stations.
Only, I find that the person who told me on the phone that they had Pep-O-Mint Life Savers shows me breath mints, Breath Savers or Starlight Mints. Then, when I am disappointed, the person is upset. "It's all the same--peppermint." "NO, it's not." And, so it goes!

Yes, I do "let my fingers do the walking," but then I drive and waste gas on a wild goose chase. Now, I NEVER have to pull the car off the road, get wrong information, or do without. Okay, some day I will run out but not soon.

These Pep-O-Mint Life Savers are the only thing that works. Besides, the other peppermint items are too sweet.

Bulk Cost
These 20 packs cost me $10.20 by buying bulk. If I had bought them one pack at a time, the price would have been $17.90. I asked the guy at my favorite station if he would get these for me, and agreed to buy the whole box. I don't know how much profit he made. But, he does not have to sell them one pack at a time.

Driving Aid
When I must drive and feel myself fading away or know I am not as alert as I should be, I eat these and never nod or feel drowsy. If I have a passenger, the passenger must peel these off and place into my hand. Otherwise, I have to fumble around peeling and finding the roll. I discovered this perk one night when my lips were itching and I was drowsy from too little sleep and school all day.

Any Peppermint?
Maybe, but these are not sickeningly sweet. I ordered my GED students to consume these during their tests, expecially the during the tests later on in the day. One girl reported it did not help. Oh, yeah. She got Butter Rum because she loved them.....sigh. Take your chances, but others assure me this brand and flavor do the trick for itchy mouth allergies and for keeping a driver or test-take alert.

Buying in bulk
Yes, lots of people buy canned  food in bulk, toilet paper, and frozen food. I have a friend who buys cases of gas additive.

Your turn
Lots of people have the itchiness in the mouth from alleries. Do you? Need a cure that will not be a med? If you drive, do you use something natural to keep you awake? Yes, I drink caffeine, but it only works so long before I am shaky. Other than food, what do you buy in bulk, something we would not expect, something as bizarre as Life Savers?


  1. Hmmm... I'm allergic to arugula, of all things. But it doesn't cause itching; it makes my tongue swell up, a scary proposition.

    A dentist once mentioned that fluoride toothpaste is allergenic to many people. An MD at one point thought fluoridated toothpaste might have been behind an itch around the nose. Tom's used to make a nonfluoride toothpaste; don't know if it does now that it's been acquired by a megacorp. But Tom's does come in flavors other than mint, which I find irritating.

    LOL! I buy a lot in bulk, but none of it's anything unusual.

  2. Arugula? That is unusual, I would think. I, too, have allergies that make my throat swell. That is why I had earaches for ears, throat swelling. My throat swelled just enough to make my ears hurt. It is very dangerous, especially when anything with vinegar can set it off, or certain wheat breads.

    If tongue, lips, or throat starts to swell even a bit, a person could eventually be in trouble...maybe the next time the throat will swell shut. Of course, my throat swells, lip swells until it literally cracks open, looking like someone decked me.

    I think buying all these Pep-O-Mint Life Savers is unusual in that they are not just for consumption like most people would eat them.

    Thanks for the information.

  3. I meant, "I had earaches for years."


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