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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chip Clips? Buy them no more!

My original Chip Clip
Proudly, I can say I never bought a Chip Clip. When I first saw them years ago, my frugal self was irate that someone would sell such a frivolous item. Really, no matter how cute they are, my parsimony jumps in. Being parsimonious is not a bad thing when I can really save money.

Since I married in 1966, I have used clothes pins to keep certain opened items closed. In the picture you can see some of the many things I keep fresh with a clothes pin--a mix to coat potatoes, crackers, rice, and Hershey's miniatures. Okay, so around my house the miniatures won't go stale. But, they will spill out. Even the Wheat Thins are put back in the original box, all clipped with a clothes pin to keep them fresh and just in case a pest might venture their way.

Child's play
My daughter wrote her name on a clothes pin from a kitchen drawer about 31 years ago as she sat at the kitchen table. She was into enhancing anything with pen, pencils or stickers, further encouraged by kindergarten. They probably decorated clothes pins at school. She proudly presented it to me. I cherish that clothes pin. I knew she had a pencil and was writing on something, but did not realize what she was doing--decorating one of my "chip clips." I was also proud she was not applying stickers to whatever happened to be handy, usually something inappropriate.

Over at Better Me; Better World dmarie has a post from another blogger about using the clips from broken pants hangers to make chip clips instead of purchasing them. That post inspired me to share my chip clips. I just threw away an expensive hanger that had a broken hook. RATS! I have two more I was going to donate to a thrift store. Maybe not!

On Etsy I saw clothes pins with sayings on them. Google decorated clothes pins or painted clothes pins for ideas.

Just now, I took out four clothes pins, used Sharpies and sort of decorated them.

No, I don't want to start a painting project. I want to finish this post. You have the idea. You are crafty too. Right?

Don't use paint that is not edible in case it chips off.

The cost of a bag of clothes pins is about the same as the cost of one chip clip. They are plastic. Sure, the others are from trees destroyed somewhere.

In my opinion, wooden clothes pins are a more frugal choice and a greener choice.

A set of six decorated clothes pins (aka chip clips) would make a frugal gift. Of course, you will want to do a better job than I did with the Sharpies.

By the way
Those Sharpies were one-cent or ten-cents at Office Max during a back-to-school sale. Otherwise, I would own one black one. I mailed about 40 of the Sharpies to my daughter for her children's school projects and her home-based, part-time work.

Your turn
What do you use to clip your chips shut? Clothes pins?


  1. Hubby bought the plastic chip clips on clearance. We've had them for years. So, that's what we use. However, I like your idea! Very thrifty and cute! :-)

  2. Thanks!Oh, I would not discard or suggest you discard something so innocuous just because of this post. Not buying them in the future would be the mark of appropriate use of money and natural resources. The reuse of the clip from the pant hanger was a stroke of genius! Some day, I may actually decorate all the clothes pins for the line and the indoor "chip clip" substitutes. Sure,I

  3. I just eat the whole bag. Problem solved, lol. No, seriously, I just fold the top over. They really don't last long enough around here to go stale. I will have to remember the clothespins for crackers and such though. Thanks Linda!

  4. Yep,we also use pegs.(clothes pins) If the bag will be around for a few days than I put the contents into a jar but for short term storage the peg works.
    I use paperclips on seed packets.
    I also use pegs to hold the curtain back.


  5. Wendy, finishing off anything chocolate is my solution! That way, I am not tempted any

    Barb, I have about ten seed packets all held with one clothespin. Otherwise, it is paperclips for me, too. I never thought of using a clothespin for holding back a curtain. Good idea.


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