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Monday, December 27, 2010

Easy eggnog ice simple

My method
Aha! And, you thought I was going to give you a frugal recipe, a simple, homemade delight? Uh, no, no, no, no!

No picture?
I ate it before I finished the post! Maybe I will insert one later.

Eggnog ice cream
Buy your favorite quart or pint of eggnog. Pour into a coffee cup enough eggnog to fill the cup 3/4 full. Take the cup and put it into the freezer part of your refrigerator. Easey peasey! Make sure it won't fall over or get spilled when frozen food slides down and bumps the open cup of eggnog. Ask me how I know this could happen.

I am not sure how long I wait, but let's make up something. How about 15 minutes? Okay, it's settled. About every fifteen minutes take the cup out and stir the frozen part around the edges of the cup. Make sure you stir the bottom of the cup. You will need to scrape more often after the first two times of scraping. Don't take a sip of this every time you stir. Otherwise, you will have maybe a spoonful of eggnog ice cream at the end. Okay, ask me how I know this.

Really, just go stir the cup of eggnog often until it is a stiff mush. Have you ever heard the phrase "stiff mush" in any recipe? I thought not. I just made it up. If you let it get too hard, little glass shards form (water crystals). That is not my preferred consistency. Of course, if you taste it every time you stir, you will know when it is perfect for you.

Solid state
The other day, I allowed the cup of eggnog to freeze to solid ice-cube state. Not fun. Not good to eat. So, I just kept jabbing it with the spoon until I realized it was not turning back to mush anytime soon. Well, I knew that from the first jab, but I just had to torture myself by poking and wishing! Eventually, it sat beside me while I typed and was at least partially mush/partially hard ice. You just have to eat it as it thaws.

No frozen fingers
Using a cup is perfect because it has a handle so that you can use a potholder to grip it so you won't freeze your hands. Ask me how I know how bad cold cup handles hurt? Corelle cups are best because they help the eggnog freeze faster. Nope, I have no scientific proof about Corelle and cold. It is an observation.

My eggnog, frozen or just chilled, has nothing alcoholic in it. I am not sure how that would work if you froze it with alcohol in the eggnog.

Do not taste it every time! You really want that surprising taste when it is mush. Tasting it often takes away from the final finished product if you are tasting it for an hour or so.

Your turn
Have you ever frozen eggnog? Have you ever had real eggnog ice cream? (I have not.) When you try this, tell me what you think, please.


  1. No, but hubby mentioned doing this exact same thing. :-) We have about 1/2 a quart in the fridge. Maybe we will try this. Thanks for the pointers!

  2. Let me know if it is not better as a stiff mush than as a drinkable liquid. The grocery store carried pints last year. I wish they had them this year. Enjoy!


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