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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Crackers and Cheese

I love a sale. I LOVE a sale coupled with coupons.

Okay, so this not water crackers. It's also not brie. But, it is good and cheap the way I bought the two.

Wheat Thin Crackers
I found $1 coupons everywhere and took a few off each pad until I had an even dozen. Bummer! The Wheat Thins, formerly $1.98 were marked up to $2.99. When things like this happen, I dig in my heels--too expensive in light of their former price.

Waiting Game
Linda will wait and check out the crackers several times each week in two or three stores.

Wheat Thins were marked $1.98/box. I bought flatbread, large Wheat Thins, Original, Sindried Tomato and Basil, Fiber Selects Five Grain, and something with cheese or some sorts in the name. Okaaay, I am not sure how you would go about sindrying a tomato, but it might make for interesting musings. I really bought Sundried Tomato and Basil. See, it is in the picture.

Kraft cheese in the picture fluctuates in price quite often. Look again! Look closely! This block of cheese is "20% more free." Plus, you know I had a coupon for $1 off. Yessiree!

Kraft cheese is $3.89 in one store, $3.39 at another, and often $2 at the third store. Yes, that is Walmart. Since I have noticed the price fluctuation at Walmart, I buy about 6 blocks of cheese when it is cheap. I refrain from buying when it is higher at Walmart. But, I will pay $2.50 at WM if desperate. Sometimes, Kraft cheese is 3 for $5, making a chunk or bag $1.66.

Yes, I realize that other people are not eating Kraft cheese at all and may not have options for any cheese. Call me shallow for saying I am "desperate" for cheese! "My name is Linda, and I am addicted to cheese."

Crackers and Cheese
This is such a delicious, quick, almost nutritious and easy snack or meal. Add a piece of leaf lettuce to munch on plus and apple or banana and my meal is complete. Okay, the crackers could be replaced with a better option.....sigh. Except for these, I have bought few Wheat Thins.

My Plan
Since I have Kraft Philadelphia Cream Cheese, 8 ounces for $1, bought for $0 because I had a $1 off coupon for this brand, I have a plan. I believe I have 6 packages of cream cheese. There will be occasions during Christmas holidays when I will take something to a party. There are artichoke hearts bought on sale, cheese to grate. Does anyone else feel a dip coming together? I have coupons for sour cream, too.  Whatever I decide to take, my free and almost free food will play a huge role.

Your turn
Have you found any fabulous sales and coupons to help with entertaining?


  1. Thanks! It is such a thrill to find these deals.

  2. Geez, It would be good to get coupons for food over here in Australia. You people must be able to save heaps being able to shop like that.

    I bought cheese on special this week, it was mature cheddar, $6.99 a kilo. No idea what that translates to in your money though, lol.


  3. Barb,
    I didn't realize you didn't have coupons in AU. Well, a kilo = 2.2 lbs. AU $6.99 is US $6.91, negligible. $6.91/2.2 = $3.10/lb. It sounds like you're buying a better cheese than I did. I would have to check the deli cheddar, the wheels to see exactly the comparison in quality cheese.The deli case always has more expensive cheese. Anyone, feel free to check my facts and math and tell me where I am wrong if I am wrong.

    It sounds like you are getting a bargain but not free. I do save heaps and love it.


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