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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Tap Dancing Chickens in My Yard=free, live entertainment

In the summer, especially, my hens are really great, frugal, live entertainment. Okay, they would be good entertainment in the winter, too, except I don't sit in my swing much. One day, all four hens were lined up, side by side, executing their search dance in unison. If only I had a video camera at that moment! A viral video of that would have paid off handsomely on YouTube.

In tap terms, this is how hens dance/search:

New chicken dance?

Done slowly and leisurely or quickly and with energy. No tap shoes necessary. At times this can seem like a soft shoe dance.

L brush back, (scritch sound)

L step in place

R brush back (scritch sound)

R step in place

L back step

R back step

Peck, peck, peck

repeat ad infinitum

Variations can include two R brush backs (spanks) before the step back, two L brush backs (spanks), anything that seems expeditious to get to the bugs. Occasionally look around to see who else seems to be having luck, especially when you hear a slight sound emitted that sounds like a signal for bugs or success.

Run over to the new good-bug-spot and start the dance over.

Your hen's turn
Have you ever noticed that your hens dance this way, completely choreographed? All of you who don't have hens, see what you are missing?


  1. Ahahahaha, we don't have chickens, but I really hear you on the 'better than TV' in terms of entertainment.

    We've had cats, a dog and now a rabbit who is a bit of a mover herself. I do indeed have a YouTube of her dancing - the things we do...

  2. I dont have chickens...yet! We will be getting some in the next few months, and I CANT WAIT! :-)

    That is too funny though.
    I dont need anything else distracting me. Between a silly piggy, a jealous puppy and the kittens, I have a hard enough time getting out the door for work to make it without being late! :-)

  3. mrsgreen@myzerowaste Exactly where is your dancing bunny on youtube? My flash player is not working, but someday I will watch it.
    Simply Bonkers, I cannot imagine one more animal around here, especially as much time as you take with yours individually. Chickens are easy. If you hold the chicks and give them one-on-one time, you will have very tame chickens and faithful pets.

  4. *grin* you have painted a good picture...evidently I am missing plenty!

  5. dmarie, now you will have to get hens to have the fun I do. You learn to love poop. Actually, that last statement is not true.


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