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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Yogurt and Customer Service

When I was in Huntsville, Charlie gave me three cups of yogurt. I left it in the car longer than I should and was not comfortable eating it. So, I gave it to my two hens. Did you know that chickens love yogurt? I can actually hear them slurping it up! The older and larger hen must keep going to wipe it off her beak after each slurp. The little one just keeps slurping.

When I finally reached customer service for Royal Vacuum Cleaner bags, the woman at customer service had to be coerced into looking for information. I bought the vacuum cleaner in about 1985. It is only 30 years old, yet she was hesitant to even look for a source of the bags now.

"That's very old. I doubt I can find any bags."

Well, why don't you try?

This model number is only three digits. It's not complete."

Yes, it is just what is on the vacuum.

"Well, this might take a while."


"I still need the serial number."

I told you I cannot read it. I told you the vacuum is a canister, long and a hideous blue. It says Power Tank on the top and 4.3 horsepower. Do some research. You work for the company!

Are you sure that is not "Tower Tank."

Yes, I'm positive.

Okay, this is going to be hard to find.

It is an ugly blue! Find it!

She eventually came back and gave the alphabet number on the package of bags I needed--just one letter. It was what I thought I had bought for over 30 years.

All this took 30 minutes. It was incredible how sad she sounded, downtrodden even, that she was going to have to look up something! She would have been satisfied if I had just said, "Okay, I will toss out a good vacuum cleaner."

Customer Service has all but forgotten the last half of the title!

Your turn
What kind of battles have you had with CS? Do your chickens make a slurping noise when they eat yogurt? Do they love it as much as mine do?


  1. Didn't know any business still had Customer Service.

    1. I speak to many CS representatives for all sorts of businesses. However, whether I get "customer service" is another thing.

      At least I did find the bags but 50 miles from here. I have to go there next week, so it is not a special trip. I will look and see the price online, compare it, and maybe order them.

  2. My first job outta college was auto claims. It was important to me to provide superior customer service, but something people may not be aware of is the limitations often put on employees by their employer. My employer tended to value speed... or quantity over quality. Although it's important to build rapport with a customer, it could directly impact your livelihood at work. It's a tough situation.

    1. TLC,
      I do understand the employer puts time constraints on employees, which is too bad. TOUGH! situation. I understand. However, this woman was negative and discouraging me from her first word, so she actually took longer than if she had addressed the problem right away. Thanks for your perspective.

  3. I have had both good and bad experiences with customer service, but I think I had something to do with the less than pleasant experiences. I think it is human nature to meet combative attitudes with combat. If I call them and am pissy I am met with pissy. If I call and am kind, I generally get the same back. Sadly I confess I have been both at various times. When will I ever learn?

    1. Anne,
      I know I am at their mercy, so I can honestly say I am super nice. As the conversation drags over days, I am not combative, just have more facts and names of people who have told me the wrong thing.

      This woman was not pissy or anything, just so sad she could not help, which she eventually did.

      I do know people who call up CS to give them a piece of their mind and wonder why all CS are rude. They never learn.

  4. I have, in the past, left yogurt in the car for days and eaten it but it was the very processed style of yogurt, the fresh type would undoubtedly be horrid after just a little while.

  5. kylie,
    Since Charlie had this, I was not sure if he had left it out. I eat it well beyond the use-by date. But, this was only three little fruity kind, well processed I am sure. Maybe I was over-cautious! But, I had happy chickens. Maybe since you did not die, I will chance it.

  6. I completely agree that sometimes businesses, givernment workers, stores, etc. spend linger telling the why they can't....instead of listening better and problem solving. Great upkeep on vaccuum-30 years!

    1. SAM,
      "Listening" and "problem solving" should be the whole of their jobs instead of complaining that they cannot do something before trying!


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