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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Can You Help with this Car Question?

My bulbs for the rear lights and brake lights are both out. Moisture gets into the light fixture thing. Auto Zone sold me something to put around the seal where it touches the car. But, it ran right off as I applied it.

The car is old. The seals are old. Is there a type of silicone applicant that I can apply while the Auto Zone guy is changing the bulbs? Can you give me the brand? I don't want to order online, but I can and will shop for a certain item. Monday is the day this happens, so I don't have time for ordering. However, I may have to.

One person told me to go to a body shop and ask what to use. What is their motivation in helping me not use them? (rhetorical question ONLY)

Auto Zone guy told me that anything used outdoors was going to contract and expand with the weather. He obviously knows nothing about things builders use on buildings!

Your turn


  1. Husband says use Loctite clear silicon waterproof sealent.
    I know Home depot type stores carry it. If you have water in the lens itself drill a small whole in the back to let water out before you seal. Hope this help..........Blessings Amber

    1. Amber,
      Thanks! Thank your husband. I think I have some of this product. But, I will buy a new tube for this job since most of it is gone.

      The guy who will put it in at Auto Zone may not want to wait for me to apply to the three seals where I need bulbs/lamps, so can I apply this to the area where the car and seal meet? Should I clean the area around the car opening with alcohol like someone said so that I could removed road gunk and dirt? Should I use something besides alcohol? I plan to clean the area while the lens is off the car, working quickly.

  2. If I were going to apply a silicon base to plastic and metal I would make sure it was clean and free of gunk. I am not sure I would use alcohol though. My bathroom window looks out over my neighbors kitchen, so years ago I used silicon caulk on the actual glass, used a chopstick to make a swirl design and now it looks like frosted glass. (And I have privacy without sacrificing daylight) The point in telling you this is I reapply it every couple of years and use alcohol to "melt" the silicon. I have no idea if it would react with it after it was dry, but I know if it contacts it when wet it turns it into goo.

    1. Anne,
      Thanks for that information. I was doubting the guy's information about using alcohol. He assured me alcohol would be best! I cannot see it being good for either rubber seal or the paint job.

      Maybe vinegar, Dawn, and water. Or, I have a car wash liquid. And a rinse with water. What do you think?


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