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Monday, October 12, 2015

Washing Machine Saga Continues+Raccoon

Because I only slept for 3.5 hours, felt horrendous because of lack of sleep and allergies, I decided I could do without a washer for one more week. After all, I have not had one for nine months!

I checked out the GE online, the one in Decatur. That is where we were going today.  It seemed like just what I want. We can go when I feel better.

I did want to show him one washer in town, however; so we went there. Then, we went to Sears. I thought they had shut down, but they just moved. Let's say the selection and service were sorry. He just sat in his vehicle while I pre-shopped.

Even though I went to sleep at 3 am, I knew I could make it through the day with 6.5 hours sleep. He gets here at 9:30. That much sleep was not to be.

Around 6:30, I went to the bathroom and was almost asleep when I heard a chattering sound. It sounded sort of like a squirrel. But, the sound was deeper and had a little whimper sound in the chatter. The sound came closer and closer. Finally, I got up and looked out the door window. Nothing. I opened the door and found the cutest little raccoon toddling across the yard toward me. When it saw me, it hurried and scurried up the steps.

The last thing I need is a raccoon in the house. I grabbed a stick from a project of mine. I shook it at the little raccoon and it stopped, then it came forward again. When I pecked the concrete with the stick, it ran very quickly, but stopped to look at me. I threw the stick and missed the raccoon by a mile. Really, I was about a foot off. The raccoon saw the stick coming and jumped to fight it before the stick landed. After it fought the stick for a few seconds, it wandered off toward the fence next door, still calling for its mama.

When I lay down, I had to get right up out of curiosity. Baby raccoon had climbed the fence and was holding onto the top of the fence, peeking over. It stood on the top rail of the fence to peek over. By the time I got the camera, it was gone. I could hear it going away still trying to find mama.

Had I not been in a skimpy gown and barefoot, I would have tried to kill it. Even then, I would worry that mama would attack me.

I lay back down and could not sleep, so I got up for the morning with too little sleep. As I lay there, my ear was killing me with a shrill noise in it. A few minutes later, I raised my eyebrows only to have the room spin violently as I clutched the mattress.

Hopefully, I will beat this and not get worse.

Exbf said the baby raccoon must have wandered too far from its mother. That makes sense since it came from far away and went far away from my house. The mother must have been across the block. I doubt mama left the baby.

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