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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Bargains Last Night

By using the price match at Walmart, I got things I needed at a very good price.

Milk was 2 gallons for $4 at Kroger. I bought 2 gallons. Milk was $3.69 at Walmart.

Apples at either Aldi or Sprouts were $1.95 for a three-pound bag. Granny Smith and Gala were my choices. So, I have six pounds of apples for $3.90. That same six pounds was over $8, not sure about the exact price.

Bananas were gotten for $0.44/lb. I think they $0.69 at Walmart.

Boneless, skinless chicken breast were $1.69. Even though the price was only $1.99/lb., this was a better price. I think the total saved was about $11.

I didn't figure the total amount saved or the percentage of the original price. 

The apples may be dehydrated to use for later. I hope Gala is a cooking apple. Otherwise, they will be snacks. Granny Smith are so good and so tart that I make a face while eating one! But, I still love them

Your turn
Do you eat or cook with Gala apples? What bargains did you find at the grocery store this week?


  1. The new ads came out today and pretty much as I thought there are no super deals this week. I am ok with that because I stocked up so well during the previous ad cycle. I have a Walmart Marketplace very close to my house but I don't care for it so I never try to price match there. The other grocery stores are just as close if not closer so I cherry pick them.

  2. Anne,
    Some weeks I only spend $2 or $3 because all the super deals were in the preceding weeks. I have never seen or been in a Walmart Marketplace! Now that I have lots of dr appts in Huntsville, I will find one. I don't mind cherry picking. I do mind having to get in and out of the car and walking around the store.


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