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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Losing Confidence

Always ask for notes from your office visit to your doctor! You might be surprised at your recorded medical history.

One report stated I was a smoker. NO WAY! I was told by the office staff and the doctor it was a computer error. I interrupted the doctor, telling him there were no computer errors, just operator errors. He looked crestfallen and reluctantly admitted that was right.

Today, I received an office visit report that stated I was 89-years-old. WHAT? I have been told I look 45. I think I look my age, 69. But, 89? I do look great for that age.

Also reported: I never went through menopause! WHAAAAT? I asked if anyone actually listened to what I said or read what I wrote on the sheets I had to fill in on my history.  She said he talked into a machine and it just picked it up wrong.

On my list of medications was a medication I have not taken for 15+ years. sigh

Folks, there has got to be a better way.  If all this incorrect information is passed along, I fear it may color the way doctors diagnose and the medical treatment I receive. I have not lost confidence in my doctor. I have lost confidence in the systems that collect, hold, and dispense our medical information.

Your turn
Have you ever had mistakes made in your records?


  1. Good Grief!! Now that my 3 doctors have Patient Portals I make it a point to check 48 hours after each visit - luckily I only go twice a year to each of them. So far only 1 error and it was fixed within 48 hours. It is posted that questions will be answered withing 1 business day, all other e-mails withing 2 business days & so far so good.

    My dentist does not have a website with patient portal but since I only go for teeth cleaning and review with the hygenist afterwards I think I'm OK.

    Just don't think that this 'a patient portal will make all your records so much easier, faster, safer, more accurate' is coming true. How will this play out if your insurance gets the wrong info, or if you're hospitalized and unable to converse and they think you're taking a medication that you aren't. Makes me worry.

    Remember that for computers - garbage in, garbage out.

  2. I have repeated the gigo to doctors who assured me it was "just a computer error.

    Yes, who knows what a doctor will read after I am under anesthesia? Or worse!

    So far, I have refused the patient portals but now I will want them all for me to review.

  3. Amen sister! There is no hope. I gave up years ago on trying to find a doctor to help me. I was so so sick after I had my son and all I ever heard was that I was depressed. Ticked me off because I knew that I wasn't depressed, I was sick. It was food allergies and I found it myself. I went back in after I cut out dairy and asked if that was it. He shrugged and said, probably. $50 for him to say probably. All those years of being treated as a nut case and paying to be ignored and it was a dairy allergy. They are completely worthless.

  4. Sonya Ann,
    How horrible. And, having just had a baby, it had to be depression. Well, I am glad you figured it out and improved your health.

    When I went for two CT scans today, I made sure they were not using bad information, like that I am 89. But, I do look great for 89-years old!

  5. Doctors here automatically give you a print out anymore and such errors as you mentioned are common.. I often correct them at home on my computer.

    1. Snowbrush,
      I get the print outs and don't go over them until later. Then, I go ballistic. Of course, I calm down before I call them.


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