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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Monday Chores

1. Take my car to the shop again!
2. Go washing machine shopping again! This time exbf will take me to Decatur for the washing machine.

Same song, second verse.

I am really tired of all this.

3. Return the indoor antenna that does not work.

To prepare for the stressful day, I am eating way too many chocolate chip cookies. I think it is helping alleviate the stress. now, I need to put a chicken in the crock pot and get a few things from the car.

Update: I just posted and was reminded that today is Saturday night, not Sunday night...sigh.

Your turn
What is planned for your Monday?


  1. I am a chocolate lover, too. :o) I'll be at work on Monday. But that's ok. :o)

    1. Casa,
      Ooooh, I forgot I had more. Thanks for reminding Work is good. Now, I will get more during this commercial break.

  2. I thought chocolate chip cookies were medicinal. Please don't tell me I am wrong!

    Good luck on your shopping expedition!

  3. Anne,
    I firmly believe in the medicinal power of chocolate chip cookies. A good cry multiples the good effect! But, I am not crying.


  4. Sorry the leaf antenna did not work, works great for me (at work, in two different level apartments, & a house). Must be my location.

    My BF loves when I make chocolate chip cookies. I won't eat them unless they're soft. I add vanilla pudding mix to the batter!


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