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Monday, October 12, 2015

More on the Washing Machine Purchase and Other Stuff

When I said I went shopping those two days, I have to clarify. The KMart shopping and the Lowe's shopping each involved an electric cart. I left the third store before the door could close behind me. The fourth store shopping trip lasted less than five minutes. Neither had an electric cart. Each day, I went home and lay down with a temp and allergy headache!

One of the stores was a rent to own store that also sold washers. I could purchase a previously rented washer for $15 less than buying the same washer new. I told the guy that was not enough of a discount on used appliances. He looked shocked but did not care.

Tomorrow, exbf will drive me to Decatur to Home Depot so I can look at another washer or I won't be going. There will be several small stores that carry appliances, so maybe I can find an older model that suits me.I am not sure if I am winning or my allergies!

This afternoon, I went back to KMart and to Lowe's. The washing machines were as flimsy today as yesterday.

This afternoon, I cooked 10 lbs of leg/thigh pieces and stored them in freezer bags, all for exbf. While the pieces were hot, I pulled off most of the skin which the chickens enjoyed. I have the broth in the refrigerator, so I may keep one package of cooked chicken and make chicken and dumplings.

Tonight, I decided to cook some apple slices with cinnamon and a bit of sugar and scorched them because I had to lie down. It's late, but I am planning to cook boneless pork chops I paid $1.99/lb for with a price match at WM. That price was almost half of the WM price. Most of the fat was trimmed, so I felt doubly lucky not to be paying for the fat I do not like and will not eat.

Tomorrow, I plan to have pork chops, slaw, tomatoes, and collards. I wish I had sweet potatoes, but I have not gone to the sweet potato farm for my 80 lbs of sweet potatoes. This year, I swear I will bake them all immediately and freeze the innards.

Your turn
Just curious, have you ever rented an appliance?


  1. Hi $15 discount? What a deal, can't believe you passed that one up. We have bought several washer.s off a used appliance dealer with an average lifespan of 5 years, but you have to know your dealer. These days there is no guarantee with any brand name, even Maytag which I always counted on. I have never rented but if it means they replace it if it breaks you have to weigh the convenience against going to the laundramat which I really hated. Sometimes you just got to do what you can.

    1. carol,
      Oh ,
      I never even considered renting at all. But, they do sell appliances. That's the thing--I don't know a used appliance dealer. It's good you do.

  2. I'm still pretty young, so I'm lucky in that I haven't had to buy a W/D set yet. I went to the laundromat for about 1.5 years in college. Otherwise, I used my parents. When they upgraded models, they gave me their W/D set. Dad says it's X years old. When I moved in with the BF he already had a set from the previous homeowners. We decided to keep both (but only using mine for now). My fear was if we got rid of one set, the other would inevitably break down lol.

    Your menu sounds good! Tonight I'm making (plain) chicken turnovers, tomorrow/W a new sausage/hashbrown crockpot recipe, TH/F salisbury steak, S country fried steak.

    P.S. I sent you an email a while back - hope you're doing well!

    1. Not sure why the # of years didn't pre-fill. I think Dad said it's 15-20 years old.

    2. TLC,
      Young has little to do with it. YOU have a safety net! Dinner was delicious. Thanks.

      I wish I had bought a spare washer when they were made well! I have no idea where I would have stashed it while using this one.


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