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Thursday, October 29, 2015

A New Thrifty Habit

As I look around and try to organize, I find things that need to go.

There was a time when my grandson loved t-shirts with skulls. In my house today, I found a t-shirt with a skull. I had bought it before I heard the news that this was not something he still liked. He had moved on. I took it back and am $8.13 richer. For two weeks I have gathered up things like this, plus things that are a great deal that I don't want to look at or store, things my granddaughters would like that are dirt cheap. Or, maybe not.

So, I am about $30 richer over two weeks. Now, these things were collected over a year and a dollar or quarter at a time...well, except for the t-shirt.

Since I have not been able to mail anything since last February, things were stacking up, falling down, sliding out of sight.

Shopping one day, I put three greatly reduced things in my cart, looked it over, and decided they could stay in the store.

Several weeks ago, I had someone help me go through my fabric. We got the job half done. She took home about half of the half we handled. Hopefully, when we go through the other half, I will find even less that I must, just must keep/  She is only 16 and learning to sew. When she shows a great interest in a piece of fabric I want, most of the time I just give it to her.

Since I have managed to sustain this habit of getting money back and leaving things in the store that I could really "use," I am calling it a habit. Now, I am parsimonious, but this is beyond my usual parsimony.

Your turn
Have you looked around with new eyes and taken many things back, gotten a refund and never missed the items?  What thrifty habit have you formed?


  1. My thrifty habit - I don't shop for something to do. I only shop when I need something and then I go with a list and buy what's on the list. The only time I deviate is at the grocery when say apples are on sale and I was going to buy plums, cheaper scores everytime.

    A secondary habit that goes hand in hand with the first is I track my shopping: I have a chart where I record every shopping trip total, not individual prices but totals, and where I bought it, like Sam's club, Walmart and Amazon, and keep the receipts. That way I know prices & what I buy regularly so can take advantage of sales.

    By the way, have you ever tried Walmart's ship to home? I've used it twice and the first time was great, the second not so good. I used it for heavy items like gallons of white vinegar, fabric softener and bulky stuff like 18 mega rolls of toilet paper. Looking to make my life easier.

    1. Easier is what I need. Since I buy two jugs of vinegar every month, that sounds tempting.
      I do keep receipts but don't track everything on paper. I never shop for something to do. But, I am there, sooo....
      Thanks for the information

  2. Yes, I've taken things back since it's wasted money sitting around the house if it's an item I will not use.

    Sometimes I get a company to replace an item for me if I think it is defective. We bought very expensive exercise shoes, and a hole has sprung in the top of mine where there should be no hole. I intend to take some photos, and my hope is that they will send me a voucher for a new pair.

    Also, we bought a bed 2.5 years ago and the side with the mister (he is heavier than me, yet it's also the side we sit on when putting on shoes, etc.) flattened horribly so that a person would roll out of bed if not careful. Since I was sleeping on the intact side, I didn't notice. Once I switched with him and nearly rolled off the incline.

    So we took the thing back to the store (he did it, I hardly helped) and they gave us a new queen mattress on the spot. This was just a few days ago. I thought there was a 10-year warrantly, but they told us at the store that it's lifetime, and they took it with no questions asked.

    1. I do call companies to complain and usually get a replacement. I did that with a bag of panties, a brand that had never failed me. I told the company I really would take the panties back to customer service and show them the flaws. They sent me a new bag of panties. It really paid for you not to accept a mattress like that. Most people would buy a new one.

      Thanks for a good example.

  3. Woo hoo! 30 bucks richer is never a bad thing.

  4. I'm trying not to buy anything, I'm even scrimping on groceries. It has been an expensive year and I would like to get caught back up.
    Congrats on the $$$$$!!!!

    1. Sonya Ann,
      I scrimp all the time, it seems! However, I find I can always do better with a little thought. You will catch up! Thanks!


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