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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Publix Arrives! Dick's, too!

The town has been a-twitter with the news of these arrivals. Dick's arrived mid September, on the eleventh, I believe. I have no intention of going to Dick's. For those of you that don't know, Dick's is a sporting goods store.

Last night, I went to Publix. Before I was near the store, I could see the glow in the skies. The parking lot which is an extension of the former shopping center, was lit like a fairyland. The parking lot lights are pure white, unlike the yellowish ones adjacent in the other parking lot. Plus, there were triangular flags as banners strung from the lights to the ground. You know the kind I mean, like the ones in car lots.

Although all Publix I have seen were spotless, this store was doubly so. I browsed and looked for products not found in Cullman. After enquiring about these products I have found in Publix in other towns, I gathered the ads and came home to read.

People say the deals are great if a person buys the bogo items and has coupons for those items. There is always a free item each week if one buys $30 of other items. That is one deal I probably will never try since I never buy that much in groceries at one time.

This week, the free item was Publix peanut butter. The ingredients turned me off. I don't remember the ingredients, but there were more than two. Sugar and another fat/oil are not on the Smucker's I buy.

Maybe I mentioned this, but a newspaper headline stated:
Cullman has the smallest Dick's in Alabama  snort

I can just imagine the person who was responsible for that headline was snickering about being able to put it up.

Your turn
Have you ever shopped in Dick's or Publix?  What was your experience? Have you ever gotten good deals in Publix?


  1. Dick's yes and found nothing I need.

    1. Kristine,
      I feel that would be my experience. Besides, they have no electric carts!

  2. Dick's no. Publix, well, we started shopping there but when the Walmart opened 1 mile closer to us we started and continue to shop there. I've found Publix to have high prices, even with the BOGO items. A couple of months ago Hubby wanted English Muffins, so bought the BOGO at Publix. At Walmart 2 packages were 10 cents less - not much on that but, for me, all savings count.
    They do have good produce at or close to Walmart prices and the produce section is always kept very clean and neat - not so much at Walmart. Like all shopping, you just have to know your prices. Oh, and Publix isn't open 24/7.

  3. bellen,
    I do agree about even the smallest of savings! Our Walmart has an immaculate produce section. The do pile the apples and round fruit too high so that things fall when I select pieces of fruit. But, the [
    produce dept does not smell like rotten produce like another store in town. Not being open 24/7 is a strike against them from me.

  4. I love Publix, but I tend to cherry pick them. Their employees are fabulous and the store is dang near pristine. I think their produce is a huge step up from Walmart's (at least the Marketplace closest to me) but I only buy the stuff on sale. As far as their meats go, well I tend to buy all of mine at the Pig, because they butcher everything in house and have super deals about once a month. I wish Publix was opened until at least midnight, but no dice.

    1. Anne,
      I must have the best WM for produce. I rarely go to the Pig. Maybe I should. All Publix employees are sooo nice. I hope these stay that way. There are a few employees that give me grief in the WM here.


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