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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Maggie May comes to help

The garbage can bit the dust with my help. I leaned down to right it to roll to the back yard. Since bending and lifting are difficult and painful, I sort of gave it a snatch. Well, that righted it, but it also made a wheel come off as the can landed hard. Plus, I could barely drag it to the backyard and had to lie down!
Since Blogger knows better the order pictures should be, I will just work with pictures out of the order I want!

The axle was easy to remove, or so exbf told me. He put the other wheel on the axle, and I took it to Lowe's to find the right size cap I needed. 
brick has a role
The guy at Lowe's found the right size cap for the axle. I bought it and brought it home. Exbf and I were going to do this together. He was going to hold the brick while I hammered the cap. I was given the wrong size cap. Sooo, I took the package and the axle back and the guy chose the next size for me, and said he thought the one he gave me was the correct one. He was right. 
in place

I cannot lean, hammer and hold at the same time. So, I turned the full garbage can on its side with the brick under the other side of the axle. I managed to hammer the axle cap on crooked but kept hitting it and it straightened out and went right onto the axle.  

axle cap
These came two to a package for $1.25 or so. I was grumbling about having to buy two. Someone commented that the whole package was a little over  dollar. Still! The extra one will go into my stash of things that came with more in the package than I needed--O-rings, wing nuts, boxes of nails and such. 

see the shiny cap on the rusty axle?

People suggested I just get a new garbage can! It has a lot of life left in it. The lid is all cracked and leaky. I asked exbf to tape it up long ago. So, I told him tonight that is what I want him to do for me next time he comes. The Alligator Duct tape is impossible for me to pull off the roll. There is no telling how long the can will last with these repairs.

Now, I need to have someone sit the can upright. And, I have to rake the stuff up that fell out. It stinks because my friend who takes out the garbage can did not do so last week. If he is with his father on garbage night, he cannot take out my garbage which I understand.

Your turn
Have you ever had to put an axle cap on anything to restore the item to a wheeled item? Would have tossed this trash can or fixed it for $1.25?


  1. We, like you, have extras of little things that we only need one of. It probably amounts to about a gallon of stuftt - anchor bolts, screws, small cup hooks, nails, etc.
    If we had to fix our trash can we would until it no longer functioned at all. As it we have county issued cans that a mechanical arm lifts and dumps the can. If the can is damaged the county replaces it. Garbage, recycling and yard waste are all part of our county taxes. Actually that's nice because we also have 4 times a year that we can call for bulk pick-up - like a couch, fencing, etc.

    1. Bellen,
      Those bits and pieces do add up. They are in my tool box, shelf, and junk drawer. But, I know where it is.

      We don't have that system where we get a can. It would be nice! We do get a small blue box for recycling. We only have a free day once a year at the dump.

  2. I tend to repair things because I hate waste. Interesting that here people don’t own their garbage cans. Rather “Sanipac” give you three cans, one for garbage, one for recycling, and one for yard waste, so if one fails, you simply call them up, and they replace it.

    1. Snowbrush,
      I hate waste and buying stuff. I am surprised we don't have the "free" cans here. It does seem like a good system. My mother could not roll hers she had in Memphis. So, she left it outside the fence where the garbage men could get it. I cannot get my cans to the road, even the one with wheels. We put leaves on the street and a special leaf truck vacuums them up. We stack limbs in a separate place on the road and a truck with a huge claw gets those.

  3. I would totally have repaired it.

    About 6 months ago the glass sandwiched between the outer glass on my built in oven absolutely shattered. It still functioned and I figured that unless I was baking a cake the temp being off a little shouldn't make much of a difference. I kept searching Craig's List and last week I found the exact model for FREE! My son was able to take the door off the free one and install it on my oven

    Then he broke the oven down and put it into our recycling can! WIN WIN!

    1. Janet,
      That is amazing1 What a WIN that was! I like to hear those kinds of stories. Thanks.


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