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Monday, May 11, 2015


finished but needs fixing

I decided to get myself a Mother's Day gift-- Flowers! I have a favorite flower for hanging planters. It depends on where the flowers will be as to what the favorite flower will be. See the part on the bottom? That part makes the basket hard to sit anywhere. I usually get a box so the bottom protrusion will not cause the basket to sit funny. This basket is hanging right outside the back door, in front of the picture window.

Nothing was ever put in the hanging basket last year. That made me sad. Anyway, I decided Mother's Day was the time for filling my hanging basket. I have had this basket, my only hanging basket for about ten years. It is sitting on top of the garbage can for the picture and so I can work. I love the way it curves out around the top.

Then, I decided to sit down on the steps to work. See how the brown lining is rippled? The three hangers hooked to the basket made getting the ripples out of the coir very difficult. I finally managed. It was so difficult, sort of like stuffing a cat in a bag, minus the claws. As I sat and watered it sitting down. I filled one shoe, also!

Today, I pushed myself to fill the basket. My back hurt even before I started. There is not enough dirt in the basket, so I will tackle the job of pulling the six plants out and repotting them all after I add more dirt. Six of these plants are too much for the size basket, so I may put half the plants into another pot.

Pink Wave Petunias
They looked better when I bought them. They will perk up. This is the only annual I ever buy. And, this is my favorite color.
By the way, I have not been replying to comments or commenting on other posts because of Blogger or computer problems. I tried to answer all comments tonight.
Your turn
What is your favorite flower?


  1. Love them.
    My favourite flower is a moveable feast. I do love petunias but rarely grow them now because they are water hungry.

  2. Moveable feast?

    They need even more water sitting in the coir basket! But, I only have one.

  3. That's like asking which of your children you love most! I love them all but if I could only have one it would be Vinca (not the ground cover, but the flower which is about 8" high or so. They tolerate heat extremely well and I am in So. California. Now, if you'll allow me a second favorite it would be the snapdragon. You can grasp the blossom on both sides in just the right spot and make them "talk" with just a gentle pressure. Very fun to show children. My Mom taught me when I was a little girl. : )

    1. Bonnie,
      Yes, that is a hard question to answer. My Vinca has a blue flower. I suppose it is ground cover since that is what it does. I saw a pink one at the nursery. What color is the 8" high flower. I have never played with a snapdragon. But, it sounds like fun.

  4. I don't have a specific favorite flower, but I do LOVE photographing them. Have you seen some of the flower photos I've posted on my blog in the last few weeks?

  5. Linda, the 8" high Vinca flower comes in hot pink, pale pink, white and lavender. They come in the the small packs or in larger, too. They should be at your Home Depot or Lowes. They make a wonderful show all through summer and into the fall here. Constant flower. Hard workers!


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