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Monday, May 11, 2015

Kraft Deals and Food

much needed cheese!

I needed cheese this week and remarked to exbf that I hoped there was a sale this week. Ha! It happened.
One store has this deal often. Save $8. You have about ten choices of items that are reduced by $1 each if you buy eight. All the cheeses were $1.99. The Miracle Whip was $2.49. I saved $10 since I bought ten of the items featured.
Usually, I buy more bags of cheese, but there are at least two more bags in the refrigerator. Since I love pimiento and cheese, one of these chunks of cheese is destined to marry a jar of pimiento.
When exbf was here, we had spaghetti. We both ate spaghetti and salad. I sent home an enormous helping of spaghetti for him along with some salad. When I put the leftover spaghetti in the refrigerator, I chose a glass bowl that was almost too small. So, I will be eating spaghetti and some vegetable all week or until it runs out. I love leftovers because I don't have to cook for a few days.
I was out of Kraft Parmesan cheese to sprinkle on my dinner which was after midnight, so I bought  the cheese before the shelves were stripped bare of cheese.  Medium cheddar is my favorite chunk cheese, and it disappears first from the grocery shelves!

On top of the great prices, I found a coupon for Miracle Whip and Kraft cheese, so I saved another $1.50 this trip. It is thrilling to find a coupon for sale items!

Another aspect of the deal. The 8 oz. chunks are 20% more product--9.6 oz. That one thing sweetens this deal!
Your turn
Do your stores have Kraft deals? What deals did you find this week?  

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  1. Great deal on the cheese! Maybe I should drive to Cullman to shop!


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