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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Yard, Court Appearance, Impromptu Haircut, Dinner

urge to kill

This is what I found on the morning after the guy mowed. I was livid. He left a 60  foot swath, 20 feet wide of tall grass. Plus, on the rest of the back yard, he did not use the bagger! The bagger was the only reason I hired him. He is due to come back in two weeks. I will have to dose myself with ever allergy meds to monitor him every step of the way in case I have to go out and hold his hand.
He stayed until after dark, lecturing me on how I did not need so many places to sit because I was only one person. How dare he? Mow my damn yard and go away.
He had this mournful face and voice when he told me he did the best he could over and over again. As I sat on the steps to write a check, he got in my space. I asked exbf if he thought the place he was standing was in my space. YES!
When he came across a 4 ft. limb/stick in the yard. Rather than pick it up, he just mowed around it! I don't have the time or energy to enumerate his shortcomings in the mowing area. The bagger is the ONLY reason he will come back. Plus he is cheap! I will be ever present when he does return.
I went to court for my ticket for not having my sticker on my tag. The judge was a child when I subbed many years ago, many, many years ago. He called everyone by first and last name except for me. He called me Ms Lastname.
He saw the receipt in my hand and noted I had gotten the tag taken care of. He said I could pay the $157 court cost in the next 30, 60, or 90 days. I told him what I lived on and that this month's was all spent, that I could not see myself having that much money in 90 days! I asked him if I could do community service. I told him I was tutoring a child who was failing but now had a C in everything, that I could tutor. So, he said I could bring proof that I had tutored 20 hours and everything would be cleared.
I have known for three weeks it was rotting. From the state it was in even then, it had been rotting for several months. I offered him Vicks for under his nose. When he came back in, I asked if the stench were not overpowering. He said all he could smell was the Vicks up his nose.
He filled two 40 gallon garbage cans to the top. He casually mentioned there were quarts of beans in there, too. At least he put them on top of the last can. He said the Ball jars with frozen eggs were deep in the cans. It looks like I will have to approach the cans to retrieve my quart jars!
It looks as though I will have to tell the neighbors what is the stench. I don't want them thinking I have dead bodies over here. I suppose I need to buy some lime. People might think I am a new Emily Grierson having murdered Homer Barron and am buying lime to cut the stench of evidence.
Expanding foam
I asked him to put it all around a door  in the room where the freezer lived to keep the flies out of here, flies drawn by the rotten food in the freezer.
When I saw foam in his hair, I told him I would cut it out. He submitted to my gapping it up. He was shocked at the chunk I got out. He thought it was like what was on his arm. You can see it on his arm. He said he was planning to get a haircut on the way to work tomorrow, so the barber could fix the gap.
There was a good tablespoon full of foam in his hair. I don't know why his bag is on the ground. ???
Dinner tonight
Today, we had a cheese sandwich for lunch instead of buying a cheap hamburger. I was all set to cook dinner as usual. I had 7.5 hours of sleep last night and awoke feeling well. But, about 1 pm, I had to rest. I lay down and awoke about 3 pm when exbf called me for something. He was in with the freezer. I lay back down and slept another hour or more.
I was panic stricken because I had no dinner for him. Do you know the panic of no dinner for company or someone who just did you  great favor? Frozen chicken was my only plan. He had eaten most of dinner when I took the picture.
Yes, it is a red plastic bowl and he is eating with a plastic spoon. Quantities of everything used in making this recipe depend on your taste. Since I don't eat peas, this was just for him.
1/2 can peas, drained
Diced tomatoes or grape tomatoes cut in half
Cheddar cheese cut in cubes or bought cubed cheese
Put together at the last moment so it looks pretty. Or, just put it together and stick in the refrigerator as long as you like.
This is so easy for potluck dinners. People love it. I don't. I cut in chunks the chicken for his dinner. He said it was delicious and finished it all. A bowl of green grapes finished his meal. Then, he got out a green sucker from the bank and had that.
Chicken antics tomorrow!
Your turn
Do you have someone mow who keeps failing you? Other than lime, what can I do so this freezer stuff does not smell to the other block? Have you ever had this particular dish he had for dinner?


  1. That's funny the judge called you by your "teacher name" hehe. That was very fair of him to allow you to use tutoring to cover the fee. Good thinking on your part!

    1. I was amused. too. I wanted to be willing to pay in another manner. Thankfully, I could.

  2. I'm loving that judge, too.

    As for the mower - I wouldn't pay till it was done to your satisfaction, period.

    1. Cherdo,
      It was almost dark and I felt like I could not walk around the house. When he returns, the tall part will be what he starts on!

      He is a hothead. And, his defense would be religion. For $30, I won't complain too much.

  3. Yay for the judge.
    Hiss and spit on the mowing front.

    1. EC,
      You are so right on both fronts. The judge is nice guy, anyway. The guy who mowed--double hiss and spit.

  4. Maybe he thought it was your wild flower garden? I did see some pretty flowers standing tall. As for the smell, I read HINTS BY HELOESE and I remember her talking about crumpling up newspapers and putting them, with a saucer of vinegar inside the freezer. Can't hurt.

    1. lotta joy,
      I thought I replied to this. There are only flowers on one end of the mess. Who knows what he was thinking! I will have exbf put something in the freezer when he comes this week. I love Heloise.

  5. Hi Linda...two freezer remedies I can think of are charcoal in a paper bag (this works in musty trunks too) and coffee in a sock. Of course with the coffee you have that smell but better than rotten food.


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