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Saturday, May 16, 2015

Maggie May Steals

top--Maggie May
This is a reenactment only.
Yesterday, for a snack and since they were begging so prettily, I threw out a piece of bread. When I tore it, one piece was much smaller than the other, so I tore the larger piece again. All three pieces landed about the same time. Thelma claimed her piece and Maggie May started pecking the other.
Maggie May abruptly left her portion and took Thelma's piece. Maggie May took the purloined piece back to her original piece and laid the new piece right on top of her first piece. This was not a food chase as usual. Maggie May was very deliberate and not in a hurry at ll. Thelma looked and found the third piece and pecked it. I could not believe my eyes! She did not chase Maggie May. Maggie May not only stole  a piece of bread, not unusual for hens, but she took it back to her original choice and placed it squarely on top.
Thelma has not completely given up as head of the pecking order. She would have gotten one of Maggie May's pieces of bread if there had not been a third piece. She still sticks up for herself, but not nearly as often as before.
 In the far past
We had a dog named Puppy, truly the most envious dog on the face of the earth. The elderly man who lived behind us liked to feed my cat and dog. I hated he did since Puppy was obese. The cat named "Cat" could jump over the fence. But, Puppy had to run, ears flying, around the fence. He always looked to see if Cat was ahead of him.
One day, Cat was off somewhere so that Puppy was first to the two paper plates of food put out for them. Puppy sheepishly went to one plate, stole the baked potato, put it on his plate and continued eating. I could tell by his actions that he knew he should not have the other baked potato.
By the way, I named the next dog we got. Everyone objected, but I stuck to my guns. Round little puppy Rudolph grew up to be a huge retriever called Rudy.
Don't get me wrong, these two chickens are always grabbing things from the other, but this one instance of Maggie May taking two pieces and stacking them up, then eating, was hilarious. I am not talking about animals grabbing food. This act of Maggie May's calmly taking food and stacking it up with hers was amazing.
Your turn
I know your animals probably take food not meant for them, but do they ever sneak or actually steal food all the time acting guilty? Oh, funny stories about food and animals are good, too.


  1. Over the years many of our animals have been thieves. A a child our German Shepherd stole and ate my brother's entire birthday cake. And was then very, very sick. The same Shepherd was partial to sherry. If my parents were having a drinks party guests had to be warned not to put their glass on the floor beside them. They often forgot.
    And a small kitten we had was once found sitting on my partner's dinner plate, in the middle of a slice of roast pork gnawing for all she was worth. She spat at him when he moved her as well. The moral of the story? Bring everything else to the table before your meat...


    1. Poor sick dog from eating a whole cake. Then, he gets

      Daddy had a ham steak (huge, plate-sized slice of ham) when Daddy came back to the table with the rest of his food. Daddy was the only person eating.

      When Daddy saw the cat, he started screaming and cussing and hitting the cat. The cat quickly grabbed the meat and fled through the screen door which had no lock or latch. Daddy went out and physically abused the cat who was not giving up the meat. Daddy did not want the meat, but I bet that cat never got on the table with Daddy present.

  2. My kids do, normally the 16 year old. She steals food and hides it in her bedroom.

  3. When I was dating Peggy, I had the idea that lovers eat off one another plates. Well, not if one’s lover is Peggy, they don’t. She always saved the most savory morsel for last, and when I scarfed it down, she let me know in a hurry that I was to NEVER do that again.

    I’ve noticed that you NEVER visit my blog anymore. Is something going on around that?

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