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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Memorial Day Deal

There is one store here that puts out a basket or two of markdowns. There must have been 50 of these Reynolds products. The cashier had charged me too much on an item on the first trip, so I went back to rectify the matter. I was going by there anyway.

I  bought seven boxes of theReynolds Wrap  pan lining paper.
Regular price: $3.58
My price: $.99.

7 @ $.99 =$6.97

My earlier trip yielded more bargains:
*chocolate chip cookie dough roll @ 1.38 regularly $2.89.
*cottage cheese @ $1.89 for 24 ozs. I hve no idea what the original price was, but more than I paid.
*4-pack of Dannon Light and Fit peach yogurt @$1.25. Each cup was 6 ounces, a really nice size.

There was more--vicious dog at yard sale with me screaming, almost hit a kid on a board trying to jump curb, and something else. Well, I had to take a long nap.

At the crack of 11 am, I managed to get up and put color on my hair and wash it out at a friend's house. I washed two loads of clothes. Part of each load is still on the line at 11 pm. So, I have those to get in. Then, one load still wet must go in dryer and the other load must be hung in the house. I may have overdone it. I am not that much better, but things have to be done.

There is more fun planned for

Your turn
Did you actually have some real fun today? What do you have planned for Sunday and Monday?


  1. not so is sucking and hoping for change.

    1. Jackiesue,
      I just got drenched, and I was not even trying to have fun. Dry would have been good! I grabbed an umbrella between stores and funneled water down inside my pants. I feel like I sat in a puddle!

  2. You got lucky, we love that stuff and they discotinued it. I found a couple boxed for about $2.50 when they discontinued it but I think I would have bought about 10 if I saw that deal, ha. Good score!

    Pouring rain here most of yesterday and today. Hoping tomorrow is clear.

    1. 1st Man,
      Thanks for that information. I was not aware it was discontinued. I have never used it because it was so expensive. Mostly, I use parchment paper. I could have bought the last and sent it to you and still, it would have been cheap. Thanks.

      I got a huge rain yesterday afternoon and got soaked!

      Today, I have two small outdoor chores, so no rain would suit me.


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