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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Strawberry Festival and Maggie May

Fresh Strawberries

Of course, no pictures I took. Maybe I will take some pictures tomorrow and try to upload them. Today, I walked too far and hurt later Friday night. You would think there would be ice cream and strawberries or strawberry ice cream or something. with ice cream and strawberries.

Nope. All I found was funnel cakes with 1/4 cup of strawberries and fried strawberry pies (ewww) and strawberry coladas, virgin. Since I cannot have the colada (coconut cream) because of allergies, he offered to make it a pineapple and strawberry frozen drink. I was taking it in the car, so this worked fine. The funnel cake looked great but it is not car food.

Tomorrow, I am sure there will be ice cream and strawberries in some form, but I will forego that since I spent money on Friday. I hope I can carry a lawn chair on my It's going to be a beautiful day, so I don't want to miss all of the festival. Maybe I can find a handicap parking space.

I worry about Maggie May. Today, she fell off the iron railing by the door. She fell right into a pan of water. The other day she tripped over the water hose and fell right on her chin. Well, it was where she would have a chin if hens were prone to growing chins.  She trips over everything and falls on her chin. Yesterday, she kept getting in front of me, darting. I accidentally kicked her three times. Once I kicked her so hard while walking, I bruised a toe. My other hens were faster learners than she is. They learned not to dart in front of my feet. I worry I will hurt her, or she will trip me and make me fall..

When I kicked her, it was not intentional at all. I was horrified. She would come from nowhere and dart in front of me. Today, I stepped on her foot! I don't remember any other chicken I have had being under my feet so much. I know I have never had such a klutzy hen!

Your turn
What is your favorite part of festivals? Do you have a Strawberry Festival? Have you ever had a klutzy hen?


  1. No Strawberry festivals, but we have strawberry picking farms. Unfortunately, they always open during working hours & are picked clean within a couple hours, so I can never make it in time. I LOVE (and miss) my hometown Homecoming Carnival :( We have two fall events here that I'm hoping to try out this September.

  2. tlc,
    Maybe you can catch them on a Monday holiday if you don't have to work. Oh, just buy your strawberries. I love festivals of all kinds. Maybe you will find the two in the Fall are fun.

  3. Are you sure your hen's not drunk? :D

    We don't really have any festivals here in the UK.


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