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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Rough Day

Tuesday was the kind of day that drains me for several days. xbf came at 9:30 and frind's husband was coming at 10 to work on plumbing. I was up, bathed, dressed and exhausted by 10 when she called and said it would be around 4 or 5 pm before they could get here. sigh

The guy who mowed last time was coming at noon. I had already called him and told him not to come until 3pm because there would be children in the yard.

At 1 pm I had an appointment for a haircut. Exbf hung out six towels and a pair of pants for me, things from a load I washed on Monday.

I struggled to get dinner and served that about 4:30. Around 8 pm I discovered that I had not put the two cups of cooked rice in the taco casserole. Friends came at 5 or so. He worked on under-sink plumbing and there are still two leaks. As they were standing outside talking, they told me the guy was mowing.

When I rushed out to check the blade height, I found he had scalped my front yard!!! When I reminded him to raise the blade, I told him how unhappy I was with what he did. I made him put the blade height as high as it would go. He wanted to mow more and change the blade height "later'' after he had mowed more....grrrrr. I had to insist several times.

I have not viewed the job because I did not have the energy to walk to the back. Besides, I did not want to talk to him nicely if it was not better than the last time. It was almost dark when I went out to see where he was. He was using a weed eater. He had walked home with mower and come back to weed eat. He still charged me $30. Sweeeet!

The towels on the line stayed there for 5 hours and were still very wet. when I brought them in. The humidity is a killer. It saps my strength. Sweat dripped into my eyes as I sat inside in air conditioning!

Around 7 or 8npm or so, I lay down and woke around 2 am to find I had slept on a bag of cherries. They are now all mush. Wednesday is soon enough to deal with those.

Today, as I went to the car which I had parked on the street, Maggie May followed me, talking all the way. Exbf saw m coming back. He remarked that Maggie May was following me like a puppy.

Tomorrow will be a do-nothing day for me. My skin hurts. It really is discouraging not to be able to do things I could years ago, even a few years ago.

I discovered I can get a movie channel--gettv. It is all old movies, just what I like. My antenna costs me nothing per month, a good price.

Your turn
Do you ever have a rough day exacerbated by humidity and too many people?


  1. Sounds like a rough day. Yes, I have those.

    1. tlc,
      Being older and having fibromyalgia makes recovery a days long ordeal.

  2. Your exbf is so kind to you and spends so much time with you, I have to ask why is he an ex ?

  3. I am glad to know I am not the only one in these predicaments. Not enough time or energy to get through some days. I am curious too why he is an ex? He is very good to you!

  4. I think we all have those days. Too many of them. Sigh.

  5. Too many people is hard on me. I need quiet and calm. I am not at all shy, but very introverted. Silly me, having all these kids. They don't show signs of introversion...yet. And, h.s boy's trick now is to play his music loud enough for me to hear. Pretending I don't exhausts me!
    I love hot, humid weather, but it makes DH physically ill. The extreme cold is what wears me down.. Never again will I live in a cold climate. DH cannot stand the heat, though. Hence, we are in the PNW.
    Hope you can catch your breath soon.

  6. You did have a rough day. Rest, girl, rest.

  7. Too many people? Often. Too much humidity? Here in the UK? Never! :D


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