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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Venus of Willendorf...ME? Goddess? ME?

a woman whose great charm or beauty arouses adoration.

Yes, I arouse with my great charm and

Thank you, Janet.

What do you think?
Does that card remind you of this famous little statue? Except, the statue has no clothes and no face.

Venus of Willendorf
While in no way does my figure look like either of the Goddess or Venus figures (just a disclaimer), the card is from my sweet blogger friend, Janet. You can read about the Venus of Willendorf on your own. Pronounce the "W" as "V."
Janet always sends me the cutest cards that I photograph and never post. Thanks, Janet!
Your turn
While I always like cards sent to me, some people send cards that are so different and charming that they are really cherished. Besides, she sends them often. So, they stand out.


  1. Love the card. And that take on Venus.
    I am a card keeper. Lots and lots of cards. I love them - and the caring which has gone into selecting and sending them.

  2. EC,
    I love cards, too. But, I hate the cost to people to send them. Cards are so expensive. I have had some cute cards, still do, that cost me maybe a penny and no more than a dime. I do have a good and great selection. But, I am remiss on sending them lately because it seems it takes top much energy. Besides. it takes a brain. Yes, I keep cards!

  3. I think Janet's card is very fitting! You have charming tips and beautiful writing to arouse blogging adoration!

    I also keep cards. I have some Christmas cards from back in high school and some wonderful cards from college friends, with lengthy inscriptions that still make me chuckle to remember those points in time--and one friend whose calligraphy is so beautiful that I've kept the envelopes, too!

  4. Jessnhalinda,
    Thanks. I needed that.

    People think I am silly keeping cards. However, I don't keep them all, just special ones like the ones my mother wrote to me in Christmas or birthday cards. I wish I knew calligraphy. Maybe someday. That is such an art.

  5. I cherish a letter or handwritten note on a card more than just about anything. Cards from my grandparents are still in my possession - and I'm a grandparent, myself.


  6. Cherdo,
    I have one letter from my grandmother and I am a grandparent, too. My daughter says she never saves a card or letter. Her father tells her my writing and cards are trash!

    1. Cherdo,
      That one letter would be from my grandchildren's g-g-grandmother, born in 1895. I have no idea who would cherish it.

  7. i do love and keep cards with messages written in them - but generally speaking now-a-days i get a card with the persons name signed...those i want to tell people please dont waste the money on the card and the stamp!!! i can go look at the cards in the store....the meaning behind it to me is always something written by someone to me.....i save special emails now.....and still save pretty cards people send but if there isnt a message then i cut a lot of them up to include in crafts and also i have a ton of book marks i make from them so then i see the image often when i am reading.......

    1. Luv
      I do agree with all you said. Those pretty cards are saved by me for crafts, too. If I don't use them, I can donate them to people who will. Plus, sometimes the card can be made into a name tag for a gift.

      I took one card and framed it in a $3 yard sale. When I told the GED student that it was the prettiest Christmas card I had ever seen, and that I was going to frame it, she accused me of just saying that. Well, 16-years later, it is still in the frame.

      I should cut some book marks from special cards to use for myself. Thanks for that idea.

  8. Ah what a sweet friend. I tend to save homemade cards too, much to the dismay of hubby, but I have noticed a few cards he has saved from the kids over the years.

    1. Feral Turtle,
      That is sweet he would save children's cards. Maybe you inspired him. Janet is very sweet.

  9. Maybe the w is pronounced as a v, so the syllable won't sound like willie.

    1. Snowbrush,
      LOL...well, maybe so. I never thought of that. Thanks for explaining it to me. We would not want it to sound like willie.

  10. Hey! I'm glad you liked the card. You know me, I never pay very much for cards. I can often find really fun ones in thrift stores and Trader Joe's has really great cards for $1 !!!!

    I really liked the goddess cards. I junked up a small box of them and so far have sent two to favorite friends.

    The other day I went to a friend's house and she pulled a box out from under her bed to show me all the cards she has received this year. (She is my friend who is recovering from cancer) I was touched to know that they mean a lot to her. My daughter is very good about sending cards and she is known for bring flowers from her garden to nearly every one. We are always on the lookout for inexpensive vases. A lot of people return them to her but when you give flowers you always need to think of the vase as a part of the gift.

    I think it is fun to get something personal in the mail. We usually get bills and ads!

    1. anet,
      I did not see this until today! That is so sweet your daughter takes flowers from her garden. When I sent flowers to school with my children, I put them in a vase the first time and told the teacher to keep it. Then, I would send flowers wrapped in wet newspaper with foil on the outside. But, I did consider the vase as part of the gift to others. However, many gave me the vase back.

      Thrift stores and yard sales are good sources of cards. I think I said that Thanks.


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