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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Grocery Deals and Rebates

I purchased my 4 12-packs

Regular price: $4.38 (I think)
Sale Price: $2.75
Every time a store has a really good deal, Walmart drops their prices on the item. WM had these 12-packs marked $3 each. However, this was a better deal.

4 for $11=2.75 each as opposed to WM $3 markdown.

Since I had to cash two checks at this store anyway, I got the better deal at the store advertising this price instead of price-matching at Walmart.

I never cash my little extra checks for mystery shopping at the bank. This store cashes small checks for free.

Suddenly Salad

Suddenly Pasta Salad Ranch and Bacon
Regular Price at WM: $1.98
Sale Price Match: $0.99
Savings: 50%

Suddenly Salad Ranch and Bacon is the only variety I eat. I make it with about a 2 Tablespoons of mayonaisse and some milk instead of the half cup of mayo that the box calls for.  All those nasty dried green peas have to come out and be fed to the hens. When I boil the pasta, I often drop a half cup of shredded carrot into  the boiling water. Then, I only use half the cooked pasta, saving the rest for another day. I get a really spicy pasta and another meal from this $1 box. 

That other meal from the SS cooked pasta is shredded Italian Kraft Five Cheese, the same one I get for half price. Chopped or shredded chicken and olive oil with the shells pasta makes for a tasty meal the next day.

Two weeks ago, I bought ten (10) boxes. So far, I have eaten only one box. Showing restraint is hard because this is scrumptious.

Energizer Checks and Gift Card

two checks for $10 each=$20 from Energizer

These came in the mail this week...yay for me and Christmas.

$10 gift card

This came to exbf's house where he signed up with some of the coupons from batteries. When they all come in to me, I will have $80 in gift cards and the $20 I got in the checks. Plus, my daughter will receive two $10 gift cards. I suppose she can give them to her son when he goes to school or use them when she drives to Long Island.  That makes $100 for me. Of course, I had to buy a boatload of batteries, but those will be for Christmas presents. Win, win.

I hope they have this rebate again.

Total Energizer rebates this week: $30.

Free Meat

Three racks of ribs and a 5 lb. Cooked turkey breast.

Your turn
Have you taken part in the WM Energizer rebate? I know one person did. If you did, how many WM gift cards will you have? Are Cokes cheap near you? Did your area have Suddenly Salad sale?


  1. You have done exceptionally well this week - which is lovely. I don't like Coke so have no idea how much it is here. I suspect we never get prices that low.

  2. EC,
    Thanks. AU sems like a very expensive place to live. Are incomes commensurate with prices? The store that had the Coke sale is a local three-store chain.

    1. Our wages are on the whole higher. Which is just as well.

  3. Wow, I've read your post and realized where my $10 Walmart gift card came from!! I found it in my wallet and for the life of me couldn't remember where it was from!! Not that I complained but it's nice to know now :)

    1. Lena,
      Well, I am glad I jogged your memory.

  4. Wow, you really can work the system. I think that it just takes a lot of patience and a good eye. My patience and eyes seem to be failing as late. LOL

  5. ALL HAIL! You are the Queen, and I need to catch up to your skill level. If not, I"m just a drain on your blog, Linda, ha ha.

  6. Ah, the joy of buying something at a good price.

  7. Um.. so I commented and it went away. Trying again. I said:

    1) I love fountain Pepsi's, but gave up buying cans of pop 2 years ago. Cans are cheaper, but I drank too much when it was available at home.
    2) I don't recall the battery deal, but seems pretty good!
    3) I don't eat Suddenly Salad, but my favorite pasta side dish is Knorr Creamy Garlic Shells. 2 stores in my area often run 10 for $10 deals. 1 store even sometimes offers a FREE rotisserie chicken if you buy the 10 for 10. I LOVE that deal!


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