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Friday, August 1, 2014

Jim 'N Nick's hot hot BBQ

biscuits with loads of cheese inside
These were the star of the day for me. We got the first of a new batch from the oven. Let me say, there was molten cheese inside, enough to injure a person. The waitress warned us and we bit into them gingerly after breaking them open.

Jim 'N Nick's opened their first restaurant in about 1989 in Birmingham. Slowly, they have opened other restaurants. They opened on here about six months ago. Have you ever eaten in Jim 'N Nick's around the Birmingham area?

BBQ, slaw, macaroni and cheese
Macaroni and cheese is not my choice for a bbq meal, but I just ordered it. It was a lucky choice. The mac n cheese cut the heat from the meal. It was pretty nasty with very little cheese and a gritty half-warm white sauce. YUCK. But, it cut the heat of the bbq. Not much sauce served on the meat was lucky for me!

slaw on bbq
I was not having much luck cooling the fire of the bbq sauce by eating a bite of bbq and bite of slaw. Besides, When I have a bbq sandwich, I always put slaw on top of the bbq in the sandwich. This was superb after I dumped some slaw on the bbq. After I ate the slaw and the top of the bbq, I dumped the rest of the slaw on the rest of the meat.

Four choices:
smoked chipotle, original concoction, habanero, tabasco
Before our meal arrived, I took the two sauces in the middle and put a dot of each on my bread plate, thinking I would see which I wanted on my meat. The original was horrendously hot. It turned out, this had been sloshed on my meat in the kitchen. The habanero almost killed me. And, I only got it on the end of the fork! I was trying to drink water and gasping. My good friend (that is how exbf prefers I refer to him) asked me why I tried the habanero when I knew it would be too hot. Well, it was not well-lighted and I did not look for labels because these looked like generic bottles. From the back, they were

I love bbq, but not hot bbq. I did not grow up with this in Memphis. There are some great places there, none of which are hot. Well, they weren't years ago. I had three glasses of water and another to go.

This was not my choice in eating places. MGF picked this out. I informed him he was taking me out to eat as we were inside the car place, buying the car. He asked "where?" and I said "anywhere you want to go."  So, he picked Jim 'N Nicks. When I heard long ago they had white sauce and vinegar bbq sauce, I had determined I was not eating there. But, I did with no complaint. It turned out they had red, white and vinegar bbq sauce.

Today, Friday, he is coming  back to pick up the vehicle. He made arrangements for the loan with his credit union. Then, when he found the car, he was to go in and sign the papers. The dealer, credit union person, and mgf were talking while I sat and touched up my nail polish before dinner. My job was done. That credit union meeting and signing happens after work today. The credit union will pay the car dealer. He can come back and drive away his new car. He will leave the old car here at my house to sell it.

Before dinner, he changed the chicken water and we locked them up. Thelma was not happy! I promised him I would fix him a nice dinner today. I slept from 7 pm and last night until 3:30 this morning. It is now 5:30 am, and I dread fixing But, I will. Okay, now for a trip to WM for goodies on sale. A nap is in order later this

cutie in her bumbo
Ooops, I forgot this precious baby with her family, eating in the large, covered patio.

Your turn
Do you eat and like fiery bbq? Or, are you like me, preferring something really mild? Has anyone eaten at Jim 'N Nick's and have an opinion of their food? Do you love the slaw in your sandwich or on top of the bbq? Isn't car shopping exhausting? !!!


  1. I love BBQ, but I avoid the heat.

    We don't have a Jim N' Nick's, but I wish we did - we need more options. What we do have is a zillion carside BBQ enthusiasts who will often cook up something phenomenal...and then, you won't see them again for a month. How is that fair, Linda?

    My Hubzam slaps slaw on the sandwich every time!

    And YES, car shopping makes me want to test drive off a cliff.

  2. Cherdo,
    No, that is not fair at all. If I want something, I want to know where to go to get it! Hubzam is a man after my own heart. It is just not bbq if there is no slaw! Well, "off a cliff' had not entered my mind, but, come to think of it....

  3. I actually much prefer milder stuff. I like spicy (flavorful) things, but not just HOT stuff. Hard to explain, but to be safe, I go with mild. I like slaw on top of BBQ! There's a local sandwich shop that has a pulled pork cole slaw sandwich, and it's the bomb. Car shopping sucks. Hope yours comes to a good end soon.

  4. Tania,
    Yes, it is mild all the way for me. I understand. I really want a sandwich with all this talk of bbq and slaw sandwich. Today, if all has gone right, we pick it up. Thanks.

  5. Like you, I put slaw on my bbq. We to not have a Jim n Nick 's here, nor any bbq places, really, in my corner of the PNW. And, raised in New England, as a younger adult, bbq was almost foreign.Ah, but I married a Southerner. I learner how to make it, as well as make my own slaw. We prefer mild, with hotter sauce on the side for those who want heat..
    Actually, except for the break from cooking, I am almost always dissatisfied with restaurants. I hate paying the $ for something I can make better. Often, I will get excited over a dessert choice, only to find the establishment purchased it from Costco. Dh enjoys dining out though at several local places here...sandwich and breakfast type places. IHe usually takes one of the kids out on the way back from errands/appointments.

  6. My partner would LOVE that. Years ago he made a 40 chilli curry. Burning ring of fire...
    I like flavour but heat is no substitute.

  7. Now too hawt ruins good 'cue.....I thought everybody knew that, even Yankees! lol
    I wonder if their vinegar sauce was hawt too?

    So I guess this means you won't be abandoning "Johnny's"? 8-)

  8. I just Googled "white bbq sauce" because I had never heard of it. I've never seen it in here in PA, but that doesn't mean it isn't in the grocery store, just that I've never noticed it if it is. I like mayo, but I'm not sure that I could ever think of such a thing as bbq sauce!

    I'm with the mild crowd. I like spicy foods only if they don't hurt my tongue. Or as one of my former bosses once put it, "Nice spicy, not stupid spicy!"

    I love slaw and bbq, so I will have to try putting the slaw on top next time I go to the bbq place. If this is a popular thing in the South, it will impress my Southern boss!



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