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Friday, August 15, 2014

I Gave a Little Shriek


Oh my goodness!

I gave a little shriek as I came to these Oreos in the middle of the aisle. Surely, people noticed, but I was caught up in my own little orgasm of cookie dough. Original Oreos are the #1 WORST cookie in my opinion. But, Cookie Dough? How can those be horrid? So, they came home with me.
Cookie Dough Oreos are delicious! The middle sort of squeezes out as you eat the cookie, so there is a bit of licking going on, too. I like licking.
When I am offered a regular Oreo, I scrape off all the white middle. It is gross and only sugar and lard. I imagine Cookie Dough Oreos are filled with vitamins and minerals necessary for life. Actually, there are chocolate chips in the cookie dough, so that is a good thing. Right?
These are a Limited Edition. So, save yourself and don't shop for a few months.
Your turn
Have you had any of the Oreo Cookie Dough flavor? Like them? Do you hate the white stuff in original Oreos as much as I do?



  1. We are only just getting Oreos over here. Any of them. And so far I haven't tried them. There are more than enough 'treat' foods in my life already.
    And yes, that white muck (in any biscuit) is vile.

    1. EC,
      Really? Just now getting Oreos? I thought the expats from the US had already demanded all our goodies. At least if I ever were in AU, I know they have Miracle Whip. I checked. This vile, white much is stiff, not even creamy. Actually, the cookie part is quite dark tasting and a nice chocolate to toss into a cup of milk and eat that way. No dipping for me. I want the cookie that it takes a spoon to remove it.

  2. Love, Love, LOVE Oreos. I don't buy them because I can't quit eating them if they are in the house. Recently I tried peanut butter filled oreos and I absolutely love the mint oreos. But cookie dough would be awesome too. Those would be a great Blizzard from Dairy Queen.

    1. M,
      I might like the peanut butter, but I never saw those. the mint did not tempt me. You are so right about the cookie dough blizzard. I wonder....hmmm? I will have to wait a week or two and check Dairy Queen. Thanks for that thought.


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