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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Make Your Own Calcium Supplements


"We all worry about maintaining our health at the best of times, doing so after a collapse will be difficult to say the least. Bone heath MUST be maintained at all costs. A weakening of the skeletal system is quite normal with advancing age, but we need to make sure we don’t suffer from premature bone aging which causes  weak bones or even osteoporosis. When the only people we can rely on are ourselves and our survival group we have to take every opportunity to use what we have to our best advantage. "

While talking to a PhD in Poultry Science, he mentioned that in a city in Russia where he visited, that egg shells were reserved for consumption by children.

While I was looking for information about calcium, I found this very thorough explanation right Here.  I was not concerned about a collapse, just wanted information about calcium.

I am glad the author included other sources of calcium other than the egg shells.

The calcium in egg shells can be beneficial to dogs and other animals. First, heat the egg shells to hide the smell of eggs so that you will not encourage dogs to eat eggs.

Your turn
Would you use egg shells to enrich your diet or your children's diet?


  1. My sister has told me horror stories of when my mom would put egg shells into the pancakes and they'd be yucky crunchy. I wasn't born yet so I can't say. Mom must have read something in a magazine.

    1. McVal,
      That would be yucky. Your mother must have missed the part about finely crushing to a powder. A little crunch in granola might not be so yucky. Thanks for that. I never heard of eggs shells being eaten in this country. Well, she wanted you to have good, strong bones. Are they?

      Grind finely!

  2. I think, (I hope) I get enough calcium in my diet. I wouldn't rule out egg shells - but am not rushing to try them either.

  3. Most of our egg shells go to the dog! As a raw food enthusiast, that has often been the calcium source of choice. However, my Golden Retriever just thinks it's a great treat to get the eggshells any time some cracks an egg in our house. The are great for your garden too!

  4. I'm not a fan of gritty food, so I'd have to be really worried about my calcium intake to try it. Eggshells go back to the birds, and a few to the dogs around here.

  5. Right now, I'm glad I don't have to (ha ha). Seriously, though - I think it's great to know these options!


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