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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Honestly, It's Okay to Laugh! Ruined Food

While reading Rural Revolution yesterday, I was reminded of a funny incident involving cooking, a ruined meal or dish. But, my husband was the one cooking. Okay, I remember a big mistake on my part and added it.

I only made one inedible meal or dish,  and that was very early in my marriage. My husband loved the mess of meat/soup/goulash/casserole or whatever I made and ate several helpings. I thought it was disgusting. I refused to eat it and had a sandwich. He was not just being nice about it since he ate the rest later, and told my mother is was really good.

The Main Story
About five years after I married when I went to my mother's house for a week, my husband decided to make brownies that first night. He doubled the recipe. Not only did he double the recipe ingredients, he doubled the size of the pan, doubled the temperature, and doubled the cooking time.

Even children reading this know the disaster that ensued.

He said he soaked and scrubbed that pan for the whole week and asked me what went wrong. Oh, I laughed as he complained he could not even eat one bite of it. He did say he thought that maybe the fact he could not double the temperature (350) or exactly double the pan (8x8) size might be part of the problem. Thankfully, the oven did not reach 700 degrees, what he wanted. Clueless! That was the first and only thing he ever cooked in fourteen years. Would you still be laughing like I am 45 years later?

No, he did not notice the scorching smell. He thought it was chocolate he smelled.

Your turn
What is your worst dish you have cooked? Or, a terrible cooking mistake made by you or someone you know.


  1. Before I got married, I made a Mexican stew for my boyfriend, later to be my husband. It called for an amount of chili sauce and I used Tabasco instead. It was so hot I couldn't eat it. My husband ate two helpings. The rest went into the garbage.

    My daughter made apple pie once with 1 Cup of cinnamon instead of 1 Tablespoon. Luckily her 4-H instructor caught it and they could spoon most of the cinnamon out and saved it.

    1. Jane,
      Oh my! Even a smidge of Tabasco on the tip of my finger is too much. I can imagine how hot it was.

      I have added too much of one ingredient instead of the other. I have dipped with a spoon until I got out what I thought was the "too much" I put in.

  2. I make Christmas cakes to give to family and friends. It is an expensive, time consuming operation and stirring all that fruit is hard work.
    A few years ago I used plain flour rather than self-raising flour - and didn't realise until I pulled fruit bricks from the oven. Heavy, stodgy, expensive mistakes.

    1. EC,
      Could you soak them in milk for your eating pleasure? I have accidentally use plain instead of self-rising. It is demoralizing. Time an ingredients are bad enough to lose, but all the time lost just kills me.

  3. I met my husband at a friend's house when he was visiting from out of town. My friend's husband had been pals with my future hubby when they worked together.

    My friend could see we got along well, and invited me to help cook and serve this breakfast casserole recipe that I had made before. We thought it was fine, but the only person in the room I wanted to impressed turned his nose up and told me how gross it was without tasting it. I talked him into eating some; when asked if he wanted more, he gave an over-enthusiastic "NO, MA'AM."

    Fortunately, he had good taste in women. Smirk.

    1. Cherdo,
      That is a sad and happy story. I hope he was a bit more accepting of your cooking. I bet that casserole was delicious. Well, like you say, he had good taste in women.

  4. I don't have any exciting stories. My co worker and I laughed about the brownies.

  5. Michelle,
    That is incredibly funny, so I am glad you shared it and enjoyed it.

  6. I made blancmange once. My partner nearly puked it onto the floor. I quite liked it. :D

  7. LL,
    Why did you eat her puke? jk

    Well, I am wondering if she did not like blancmange at all or if you made it wrong. At least one of you ate it. Most of these stories don't have that sort of happy ending. lol


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