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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Copy Paper: $2/Ream and Cheese Deal

Ten chunks @ $1.50 each

Six 8-oz. bags @ $1.50 each

A store in the country had Kraft 8 oz. chunks, bags, and slices on a BOGO deal or $1.50 each when two were purchased. I thought 16 chunks and bags would last me until the next sale or beyond. The savings rate was 48% on this purchase.

Okay, now for the ream of copy paper. Since I did not have a picture, I put this last. But, I wanted it first in the title. I know I should make a decision and make the title and the post parallel. Whatever! But, that is what I would tell a student.

At Office Max online, the ad states that the copy paper is $2. However, when I got in the store, it was $6.49 and $2 after the rebate. (I missed the rebate part.) I actually could afford the cost, so I decided to purchase two reams. But, I had no idea how to get the rebate. So, I asked how to get the rebate before I had her ring it up. Well, she was little miss brightness and positivity. "Online."

Okay, where online?

"It should be in the ad." I didn't see it. Can you show me?

She grabbed the ad and with all her certainty could not find the rebate form or information. "Well, I am sure it is online." Where? "Probably on the online ad." Can you show me please? Nope, not online at all. She turned the copy paper over and said brightly, "Right here! Here is the address of the company. Just get in touch with them."

Hmmm, there should be something with "rebate" written on it. Don't ring it up until you find the rebate form for me.

She was itching to ring it up because the line was getting longer and longer. Plus, it was 6:45 pm, and they close at 6 pm. People were coming and going and the doors were unlocked when I arrived about 6:15, so I thought they were staying open late because of school sales.

At this point, she used her little collar phone and asked someone who did not know. Finally, someone told her. "The rebate form will come out with the receipt." She rang up the paper to finish my transaction, and we both looked at the receipt and back to the register to see if it was being spit out. Nope. Sooo, she told the manager who was right behind me. She told me to wait at the end of the register and someone would help me. The way she said it was downright demeaning. I am not a dog who is told to sit or a child who must receive directions in that tone of voice. But, I just did as I was told and kept my cool. I refuse to raise my blood pressure and have a stroke over another's stupidity or ignorance.

The manager told me to go to the print department and so-and-so would help me. Now, you must know my back was killing me and one knee. Sooo, I slowly pushed the cart over, leaning on it heavily and showed my receipt. He handed me a $10 bill. Yay me! I will go back tomorrow and get another two reams of paper. Hopefully, I won't get a rebate form and can get the $10 instant rebate again.

Savings rate: 69%

Plus, this was our tax-free weekend for school supplies and clothing.

Your turn
Have you seen this cheese deal in your area? Do you have an Office Max or Office Depot to get cheap copy paper? What great deals have you found this week?


  1. I think it's great that there's tax free weekends. Wish they did that up here. The school supply list is ridiculous.

    1. Michelle,
      Well, since we are taxed on food year long, it is good we get something! I feel sorry for people who cannot afford it. When I went to school, notebook paper, crayons, pencils were all we had to have. Some years, that was difficult for my parents. The lists now are a page long.

  2. Well done for insisting that they honour the deal. Politely. Ignorance is one thing, but essentially rolling her eyes at you is quite another thing. Depending on the day I might have lost it at that point.

    1. EC,
      She did not even know how to help me and made things up as she went along. Who ever heard of getting a rebate without some sort of instructions written out? This ad has been out all day and she still does not know the answer to a legitimate question! Yes, she had the ignorance down pat!

      Not losing it was for my health not hers!

  3. Very good deals. You saved postage plus got $1.02 more than a mailed rebate would give you. I love saving, even if it is just pennies.

    1. sissy,
      Today I got another two reams, but the coupon came out. So, a trip to get stamps is in order. Pennies matter to me, also.

      $4.49 x 2=$9.98. I only got two cents more. But, two pennies is two pennies!

  4. Awesome deal on the paper!!!!
    We haven't had any cheese deals here just hummus. Buy one get two free. It works out to $1.29 each. I can't make it for that cheap.

    1. Sonya Ann,
      That is a great deal on hummus. I have never eaten store-bought hummus. One store here did have the buy on, get two deals on many items. I miss that. Will you freeze the hummus? It freezes well.


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