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Monday, August 25, 2014

Madness and Cataracts?

When I went to the eye doctor on Wednesday several weeks ago, I had to have my eyes dilated for the exam. The doctor gave me the little dark eyeglass insert for my eyeglasses as I left. Okay, I put them inside my glasses and went on my way. That night when I went to the church dinner I forgot to take the inserts. The drive there was straight into the 4:45 pm setting sun. I squinted and frowned at my friend, Fred, as we talked outside the church. When we went into the building, I mentioned that indoors was much better on my eyes and I had forgotten my dark inserts.

He said he still had his in the car from last week when he had his eyes dilated. Did I want to use them? His had the pieces to go over the ear, just little sunglasses. They helped immensely. But, I could not wear my glasses with these on.

As I sat at the table, I thought that I had a bug in my hair because I could see movement in my peripheral vision on the left. I gave a little at-the-table-appropriate shriek and exclaimed there was a bug in my hair. Now, let me tell you, if you ever want to see a woman go nuts, just watch me with a bug in my hair. I knock my hair all around as I beseech those around for help in searching for the bug so I will know where to hit my hair and fluff it out. Okay, so maybe it is only lint or a leaf; it is scary.

Fred examined my hair and declared it bug free. So did the woman next to me. In a few minutes, I saw the same thing on the right side! Fred examined it more closely after I had flipped my hair around on that side of my face. Finally, he concluded it was my hair I was seeing and moved the stray pieces away from my peripheral vision. The funky cardboard/plastic ear pieces on the glasses must have pulled my hair into a funny place. ??? I am still convinced it was a bug!

As I drove home, there were flashes of light all around me. Light flew across the headliner and into my vision, onto my hands and arms and across the dashboard, over and over. It appeared from the left then from the right and back again from the left. Light flashed onto all surfaces of the car inside and caused me to think something bad was happening. Maybe an 18-wheeler was bearing down on me in a residential section? I have no idea what I thought was happening but flinched each time,  nevertheless. To say I was a nervous wreck is an understatement.

When I got out of the car at home, I realized there was a full-length mirror still in the back seat of the car, lying up about shoulder high and slanted a bit. It was just high enough that it caught the setting sun as I made several turns, causing light to flash all around the car....sigh

That Wednesday night after the dilation, I went to bed at 12:30 am and awoke at 2:30 pm on Thursday. Even on Sunday afternoon, my eyes still hurt. The dilation, exam, bug-in-my-hair scare, flashing lights that ran around in the car--all together did a number on my nerves that Wednesday. While I had not had adequate sleep the night before, there was just too much added to the pain in my eyes, eye sockets, and head.

Yes, I do sound like a skittish old lady. Exbf and Fred thought the "bug" was funny. They thought the mirror effects were hilarious.

Eye dilation seems to cause a headache that lasts for a week for me even though the nurse said that never happens. 

Oh, it seems I have mentioned the mirror before. Have I?

Your turn
Does having your eyes dilated cause you pain for so long? Any idea why my pain lasts so long?  Have you ever had strange things (like my flashing lights) happen that stressed you and made you wonder about your sanity even without the eye pain?


  1. Sometimes life is like that. Sucky.
    I don't mind bugs but sympathise.
    And loathe eye exams. And dentists. And even a little thing not working out on days I see an optometrist or a dentist does my head in. It is as if the visit to the medico is *all* I can cope with.
    I hope your headache has left the building.

  2. EC,
    Oh, someone understands! The eye exam is such a stressor and one more stress is the straw that breaks the camel's back. My eyes still feel funny in a way I cannot describe. However, the ear ache from the swimmer's ear has spread to my face, so I just feel yucky. Thanks for understanding and helping explain

  3. Two weeks ago had the eye exam/dilation at 9am. It took until 3pm for my eyes to feel "right". Had a mild headache, something I rarely get, from it too. Wife had her eye exam/dilation done 3 days after mine - different doctor. Asked her doctor how long it should take - doctor said anywhere from a couple of hours to 24!! However, if pain in the eyes, severe headache, more than 24 hours, and any other symptoms should be seen immediately as that was not normal.

    Wife often has those 'batting' sessions with a strand of hair that is just as the periphery of her vision. Having gray hair I think makes it worse and they are really hard to see, grasp and remove. Also, she's short so is often bothered by reflective flashes from passing cars much to my amusement. Yes, I could be nicer about it.

    Have you ever been bothered by other cars having those crystals hanging from the rear view mirror? We were behind a car a couple of months ago and thought it would drive me insane. Wasn't driving so finally just closed my eyes till we got where we going - multicolored flashes are just too hard to handle.

    1. Tom,
      That really annoys me to think the doctor's office people acted like I was wrong, that I could not have pain for that long.

      Yes, you could be nicer about it! I actually have had bugs get into my hair, and it's scary to me. Fred laughed but it did not feel much like a nice laugh. Neither did laugh of exbf. My "batting" sessions are serious. lol

      No, I have never been bothered by crystals. But, thanks for giving me something else to watch for and be

  4. Hope you're feeling better. I can't see for two days after I get my eyes dilated. Not like I'm blind, but everything's all blurry and I can't read or drive. I think I did get a head ache last time too.

    1. Wendy,
      The time after I described, everything was blurry for several days, too. I was told it would only last a few hours!

  5. I have this done once, sometimes twice a year [because of my meds] and I never even take the funky sunglasses with me - maybe my eyes are weird, but it doesn't bother me like other people. In fact it doesn't bother our two youngest daughters either [they are the only other ones in the family who got momma's poor eyesight] - so I don't know.
    The bug thing would freak me out. Perhaps you should tell your doctor the severity of the symptoms before they do it next time? It shouldn't last into the next day I would think.

    1. SkippyMom,
      I must have those glasses in order to keep my eyes open. Lucky you. I did tell him, but the nurse was dismissive, asking me if I were sure, that maybe it was my sinuses. grrrr

      You're back!

  6. I couldn't see right for days! It just seemed to bother some people more than others. We would be the others. LOL
    I fight tooth and nail not to have it done. It just causes so many problems and the migraines that I get are crippling.

    1. SonyaAnn,
      I love being the "others." I am usually the exception to the rule. At least I don't get migraines. Thanks.

  7. I hate having my eyes dilated, but it's never been a problem for more than a couple of hours afterwards. I haven't had my eyes checked in quite some time, though. Next time I might have a story of dilation misery.


  8. I've had my eyes dilated quit a bit, and I hate it, each and every time. I seem to get over it in 24 hours.

    My complaint about eye docs is that it takes me forever to get used to a new prescription. I dread it like you wouldn't believe. And, baby, I need glasses bad; they're not optional.

    Sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it, Linda!


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