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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Am I a genius, or what? Maybe lazy?

tiny, cheap knife

I have knives all over--fairly good knives, one that rusts and is a great knife, old steak knives--gift from my mother, one from a wedding gift that was cheap even then in1966, one that fell in my driveway during the tornado, another bought at a yard sale, one that will cut bones, four cheapies from a set. I even have three cheese slicers. So, when I need to cut cheese, I will use anything except the bone cutter or the cheese knives.

tiny knife, perfect for cheese cutting

If cheese nibbling occurs often during my day, I may use a half dozen knives. Usually, the dirty knife is put in the sink, left on the counter or in a bowl of water with the rest of the utensils, or put into the dishwasher but never to be used again before I put it in the dishwasher or hand wash it. I know I could rinse/wash and dry a knife, but many times my back does not want to stand there another second!

Last night, I used one of the cheapies and stuck it in the refrigerator cheese drawer. Well, it says meat drawer, but I keep cheese and tiny condiment packages in there. Today, I just used the same knife--four times. Each time it was returned to the refrigerator drawer.  

The tiny knives come four in a package at Walmart for $0.98. Often these knives accompany me and food when I take cheese or other soft foods with me. If I lose one, no problem. I am quite sure there are a few under the car seat since this is my third set in about six years. The whole knife is the length of the block of cheese with a 2.5 inch blade. you won't be skinning moose or even small possum road kill, but it serves my purpose.

In the past at different times I have stored a glass of ice, a paper plate, tiny saucer and cup to use again. Years ago, I had a dedicated glass I stored in the door of the refrigerator so I could drink water without getting a new glass or leaving it where a stray insect could land or walk on it.

Your turn
Do you ever store plate, knife, glass in the refrigerator to use another time before washing it?


  1. Willy Dunne Wooters will put a cup with some soda in it in the refrigerator. Then when the ice has melted so it's all watery and the soda is flat, he'll get it out and drink it. I used to take the cups out of the refrigerator, dump out the soda, and put the cup in the dishwasher. I thought he had forgotten the cup. Then he started asking, Where's the cup I left in the refrigerator? I leave his cups alone now. Sometimes a cup is in there for an entire week, but he returns and uses it.


    1. Janie,
      Drinking flat soda is so gross. At least you learned to leave it alone. My friend Charlie will only drink a flat coke, so if I know he is coming, I open one and put it in the refrigerator. Strange and funny.

  2. I have never even considered storing knives in the refrigerator, and if I should try, I would fully expect for them to come falling out and go right into my foot.

    1. Snowbrush,
      I leave that to gallons of milk. I do put these in a drawer, plus, I doubt it would scratch either of us since it is not too sharp and very light. I don't store lots of knives, just the one I used for cheese. There is a place in my utensil drawer just for knives. I feel safe from all knife-held drawers--in cabinet or refrigerator.

      And, these won't put out your eye, either!

  3. i also like flat pop.
    i dont wash my tea mug very often - after i finish, i just put it on the stove next to the tea pot for my next cup - i do rinse it with water before my next cup just in case of cat hair or what not. i drink tea all day every day. and this takes me over to your tea comment on rootsimple - i let my tea set in the pot on the long as i pull the tea bag after several hours....if i let the teabag set in the tea extended is when it tastes gross -my theory is something to do with the tannins in the tea.
    i leave my pot of food (rice with assorted stuff like veggies in it or noodles with assorted stuff like veggies in it) on the stove overnight. i cant stand the taste of my pot food after its set in the fridge....weird i know - and probably sounds gross about leaving it on the stove but im not much on refrigeration. TMI?? sorry! you want to come over for dinner? hahaha! no no i would serve you fresh food on clean plates - promise!
    my husband doesnt let me wash his coffee cup - he says it gives it flavor...the times i have snuck and washed it, he notices immediately upon his first sip in the morning (and the inside of his cup is colored black so he cant tell if i wash it from looking).
    if i dont finish a beer, i put the cap back on and drink it later (this grosses my husband out but i hate wasting it).
    my husband leaves his spoon in things like the pot of food to use again later.
    ok maybe i dont even want to eat at my house now that ive spilled all this info to you!!!

  4. I just read the other day that rice spoils very quickly. I have never deliberately left it out overnight, but if I leave it I, I have never hesitated to eat it. I usually think rice and noodles really taste good even after refrigerating and reheating. However, if I come to your house, I do want to see you put the rice in to

    I had a friend who had a coffee mug at work that was pitch black inside. I was horrified, and he warned me not to wash it and make his coffee taste foul. He said all the women who worked there offered to wash it for him. They had a fully kitchen at his work, so it is a wonder someone didn't inadvertently put it in the dishwasher. That's funny your husband can tell you washed it.

    I don't drink beer, so I cannot imagine if it is good or gross to recap and drink a beer later. I don't leave my spoon in food, but I have left a spoon I served with in the dish overnight or in the refrigerator.

    Dumpster dived food is fine with me. I was telling a friend once at her potluck dinner. I was quick then to point out that nothing I brought came from the dumpster. She said that I was so picky that if I would eat it, they would all eat it. So, we all have our limits, I suppose.

    LOL, looks like you grossed yourself out. It is a miracle we all don't die from eating our own

    Thanks for that comment!

  5. We have many, many cups and mugs. And I only use one of them for my tea. I also put it beside the kettle, and rinse it before my next cup. It gets a thorough wash at night when I know I have had my last cup for the day.
    I haven't stored a knife in the fridge - but if I expect to reuse it during the day it makes sense.

    1. EC,
      It seems the tea cup left out is common. I finally figured that washing 12 or more knives each week was silly. Now, I expect to be putting four in the dishwasher. Makes sense to me.

  6. I use a fork and leave it on the counter to be used over and over all day. Sometimes, 2 or 3 days. My cutting knives, the same, although I may rinse them, in between usage.

    1. Mike,
      Mama would use a knife, rinse it and put it behind the sink faucet to reuse during the day. I don't remember if she left it there more than one day. Right now, I have a fly problem, so no leaving my fork out, even though I have reused one later. Thanks.

  7. Keep an insulated cup in the fridge full of ice, it doesn't melt because it's insulated (perhaps after a week it might but I use it daily). So when I want ice water, I just pull it out and it's ready. Then I fill it before i put it back in. A knife in the cheese drawer of the fridge is pretty smart!!!

  8. 1st Man,
    That is a good idea. I do that but my glass/cup is not insulated. I will try that. Thank you!

  9. Bahahaha, moose!
    That is a great idea and you are crazy! Moose beware.


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