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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In a Fever and Second Chances

Literally and figuratively! This is long and not exciting at all.

Last Monday, I was not feeling well and did not lock the hens in their pen. Yes, I know. Since I had a lunch to attend on Tuesday, I needed milk, so I washed my hair at 2 am and went to Walmart at 2:30 am. At 3 am, I went straight to lock them in. Well, Patsy Cline and the little one were standing up, looking at me, and acting agitated. Usually, they are all sitting and sleepy-eyed.

Thelma was nowhere to be seen. There were feathers on the ground, her feathers. I did it again and was so upset. I was heartsick!

Finally, about 6 am I got to sleep and awoke to go to the bathroom about 9 am and stayed up. I was miserable feeling in more ways than mentally. I dragged myself to the lunch and came home with the remains of four dinners--grilled chicken quarters, slaw, baked beans and one slice of bread.

Imagine my surprise when I found Thelma walking around near the back of the pen! She fussed at me all the way to the pen and once inside. It was a small growling sound, continuous and accusing (to my mind). I think the cat attacked her and she escaped! The three of the hens gobbled the food I brought from the lunch.

Thelma is 5.5 years old and the best layer I have. I got a second chance to do better for her.

Having fed them, I left with a lighter heart to go to the doctor. My wait at Urgent Care waiting room was maybe five minutes. My wait in the exam room was maybe ten minutes. This doctor agreed last time to be my family doctor. He is the one who came in the door telling me what prescriptions he was going to give me and left without my having a chance to talk. Besides, he held the door open when I talked to him, telling him I was not finished.

Yesterday, he was so nice. Unbelievable! He listened and even asked about my being a teacher. Marvelous! Either he remembered or wrote it down. Either way, he is a winner in my book. Have you ever been to a physician who asked if you were married, or what kind of work you did, or if you had children? Most have written down at least a smidgen of personal information. Dana's doctor even denied having given her certain prescriptions!

His PA said he had a shoulder problem that needed surgery and a neck problem that needs surgery. The more serious neck problem causes him pain when me raises his head. He must have the shoulder surgery before he has the more serious neck surgery. So, he walks about looking straight down, sort   with his chin on his chest. He is in pain many days, so he is not so friendly those days. The PA said he was lots of fun when he was not in pain. He was never mean to me, just in a hurry that first time. I'm glad I gave him a second chance. Maybe there is a lesson here on second chances. And, I really like him.

I went back to the doctor only because he said he would be my family physician and I needed four things yesterday: 1) form filled out for cataract surgery 2) referral to endocrinologist 3) swimmers ear in left ear and what is wrong with right ear and my throat hurts/sinus problems/fever 4) levothyroxine prescription.

Left ear has swimmer's ear (antibiotic drops and steroid drops); right ear has earwax buildup (mineral oil drops and some sort of peroxide drops); sinus/ear/throat infection (antibiotic).  So, I only had two degrees of temperature, but I was miserable, sleeping way to much at all the wrong times. Being ill almost cost me Thelma.

It's  been a rocky week as is evidenced by my lack of posts for a few days and no photos. Plus, if you could see the house and stack of dishes, you would know something is wrong, very wrong.

Your turn
Do you have animals that hide to be safe? Have you been on the search for a good doctor? There are plenty out there, but I cannot find one or the one I want to try is not taking new patients.


  1. I am so glad that Thelma came home. Really, really glad.
    And that you have found a decent doctor. I am on the hunt for one myself.

    1. EC,
      A good hen and a good doctor are hard to find! Good luck to you.

      Well, when you only have one good hen, she is hard to find. I think her size saved her and her experience kept her safe.

  2. Oh, I was so glad when you said that Thelma was there. My late great collie Faulkner would try to hide when he was frightened. It's kind of difficult for a 75-pound collie to find a hiding place. I saw a new doctor recently. She was awful. Wouldn't listen to me. No follow through on anything. I received an advertisement in the mail about a new doctor on a street near my house. Such an advertisement is the way I found my dentist, whom I love. I felt certain the advertisement was a message from God so I saw the doctor on the street near my house and she is excellent! Really listens and follows through. My doctor in Illinois was wonderful. He knew exactly what I did and would ask what I was reading because his wife liked my book recommendations. When I told him I was getting divorced, he said, Thank God! It's about time. He always said that I should call anytime I needed him, and he meant it.


    1. Janie,
      I am glad I don't have a 75 lb chicken, but she would be easier to find. I got a new puppy who thought he should ride in my lap in the car with his hear under by blouse. NO!

      It is nice to have a doctor remember something about your life when you go in for a visit, even if he must refer to notes. You know that wherever you move that he will listen. That's nice. I had an obgyn back when I was having babies who was like that.

      I'm glad you found a good doctor, too.

    2. But just think of the eggs you'd get from a 75-pound chicken!

  3. My chickens would always carry on and get noisy when threatened. Perhaps they trained me, and knew that would make me magically appear.

    The last two dogs (Cleo and Coco) I've had, however, would cower and shake like they were gonna die over loud noises. It's a heartbreaker, because they just don't understand what all the noise is about and you can't make them understand.

    Fortunately, I have a lap that never takes a holiday.


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