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Friday, June 28, 2013

Yard Sale Gold

The proof

7.5 inches tall

As I stepped into the yard next door where they were having a yard sale, I hoped to find something. As I was ready to leave with a few things, bought cheaply, I saw this purse, and my heart was pounding and hands trembled. I tried not to rush and asked casually, "How much is this?"
Be still my heart and let me pay for this and get out of the yard before this guy's girlfriend comes home.
spacious, but not as fat as it appears here
He is minding the store for her while she works. He told me she let him set prices.

I forgot to add--the strap is very long like a crossbody purse. However, it had a knot tied in it. I suppose this was the decision of the previous owner. Maybe it came that way.
Whiting and Davis purses are usually gold or silver mesh. Well, they are the ones I have seen, also the black and white mesh. The gold stays gold forever. I have never seen a tarnished gold or silver mesh purse. My little treasure looks as though it has never been used at all. The inside is pristine. The round braided strap is not worn. As soon as I brought it in, I laid it in front of the ac to remove any moisture that it had been exposed to on the muggy day and the night it had remained under a sheet. Then, I put it into a Glad freezer bag not completely sealed.
The body of the purse is gold, scrunched/wrinkled fabric, lurex, I suppose.
The price I will ask for the gold treasure? I think $20. What do you think? I could not locate the purse on their site.

I do wonder if this is a knockoff!
While I have never bought or owned a Whiting and Davis purse, I have purchased the key rings that are like a gold bracelet. They tore up easily, snagged my clothing, and were too expensive to replace. The bracelets did serve a purpose for awhile when I was in school, I wore it like a bracelet with a car key on it. That way, I always had my key on my person, not in the purse that could be stolen. I did not want a person to have my address, car make from the insurance card, and my keys!
Your turn
So, what say you? Excellent price? What should I ask for it? Have you ever owned anything Whiting and Davis? Am I wrong on the resale price?


  1. Good job, LInda. When I first moved back here, I found 3 Dooney and Bourke purses at 3 different thrift stores. The most I paid was 5.00 for one of them, the other 2 were under 3 dollars. It pays to keep your eyes open...

  2. Akannie,
    Thanks. I have learned to never shun a table because it all looks like junk. You got Dooney and Bourke for an excellent price!

  3. 4
    Look inside the bag. Genuine Whiting and Davis bags have the signature Whiting and Davis lining. The lining of a Whiting and Davis bag is made of the same high quality material as the outside of the purse.

    Read more:

  4. alaskadreamin,
    I read the ehow entry. I distrust ehow. But, I went on ebay and found a dozen purses with the purse open. Not one had a signature lining. So, I am not sure. I wonder if any purses had a signature lining. Maybe some did. I am going to call the company on Monday. Thanks for the comment.

  5. That's beautiful. I've never heard of the company. Maybe you could see if one of their purses is listed on ebay and what the price is.


    1. Janie,
      Thanks. The metal mesh is much more beautiful. There are hundreds listed on ebay, but no cloth ones in the 50 or so I looked at. So, I quit. I will call the company on Monday.

  6. Linda once again you have taught me something! I had never heard of Whiting and Davis ...... But after reading your post and looking at a few listings on Ebay and the items on the Whiting and Davis website I got to thinking about a couple of mesh purses that I have tucked into a drawer. Sure enough I see that one of the bags is a Whiting and Davis bag. Just as you said the mesh is not tarnished at all but unfortunately the frame on my bag is very worn and tarnished. The second bag is by MANDALIAN. I had never heard of them either but now, thanks to you, I have a couple of new items to keep my eyes open for! You are full of good hints!

  7. Janet,
    Great! I am amazed the frame is tarnished. Try rubbing it with a soft cloth. Don't put any cleaner on it. Ask a jeweler how to clean it or untarnish it. I love the Mandalian purses better than Whiting and Davis. Thanks. I know a few things. My head is just chock full of


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