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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

25 Things That Have To Go

25 two- ounce jars of jelly for diabetics

Did you expect a list of items that I am purging from my home? Not the jars, just the contents must go.
All these were given to me by Charlie who did not like them. I don't like them. Exbf refuses to take them home to empty them. So, they have sat on my counter in a cardboard box for a year while I beg him to take them home, even if only a few at a time. I am sick of the box. I want my counter back.
Sure, I could put these in a cabinet, but I never suspected it would take him this long to take them home! He dug in his heels on this. I am sure I could unload them on someone who would appreciate them. But, I want the jars! People do not return jars anymore, not even Ball jars when they get the product inside for free!. Sad.
So, I will open all of these and put them in two larger jars, Orange Diet Marmalade in one jar and Strawberry Jam in the other. These were made in France and Austria. hmmm So, exbf will only have two jars instead of 25. heh heh heh. I am tricky like that. I dread this chore tonight! Okay, this stuff is nasty, so it will go to the hens and see if they like it. YUCK
Why do I want two-ounce jars and so many? These will be little samples of my jelly-making. People exclaim that they would love to taste whatever strange jelly I am making--red clover or Jamaica Banana Pineapple Mango Rum Jam. This will be my contribution to assuage their curiosity.
Also, I want to send samples of spices I dry to my daughter.
These will fit nicely in a bottom drawer and be useful, convenient, yet out of the way.

Note: I got this as an email response:  "A present is the recipient's to do what he/she wants to do with it." In the South, returning canning jars is a cultural thing. We know to return jars, especially when the giver of the canning states so when the jar is given. If the jar of food is given as a Christmas gift, it is nice to return the jar. 
Your turn
Do you find that people don't return your canning jars? Do you do like I do and just not give anything to those people anymore? 


  1. I used to give jam in canning jars at Christmas. No one has ever returned the jars. A couple of years ago the Dollar Tree started selling nice sizes of foreign jams. Now, I buy those, put cloth tops and a ribbon on top and that is their gift. Problem solved.

  2. Jane,
    I cannot figure out when people quit returning canning jars. All my life this was an unspoken rule even though all women told the recipient of the canned food, "Now, I want my jar back." I got tired of asking later where my jar was."

    I even started attaching a note, but no one seemed to car. The Dollar Tree has jams? That is certainly a time-saver.

    These little jars will not be packed for shelf storage, just for eating soon.

  3. I don't can. The Hurricane makes jam and marmalade. I would return the jars to her if she didn't live so far away. Instead, I turn the jars into small drinking glasses, and I send her gift cards to get more jars. At least I don't throw the jars in the trash.


    1. Janie,
      When someone lives far away, I do not expect the person to mail or transport jars. Once, I sold jelly and told the person that if she returned the jars, she would get fifty-cents off the next jar/s she bought. That made her very happy and it has been six word from her.

      Yes, at least you used the jars and did not throw them in the trash!

  4. I think it maybe cultural. I've found women have canned in the past or do still can, always return the jars. My MIL and kids have them ready to go if I pop in or they come here. They understand the cost & work that go into preserving the contents. Those who see it as a novelty simply toss the jars. We've become a disposable county sadly

    1. Katidids,
      You are right. The canners do return jars. I have been giving canning to the wrong people. But, when you specify the jar needs to be returned, you would think that would be a huge clue.

      When someone gave me a jar of something and I had emptied it, I washed it and put the person's name on a small scrap of paper, put the paper inside the jar. That way, I never forgot to whom I owed a jar. right.

  5. Forget the jams, those jars are FANTASTIC!! I make candles, face cream, etc. and use old boullion cube jars for them! And YOU could think of so many more things to use these for!!! Go to Hobby Lobby and get some candle wax and wicks and you'll be well supplied for 'lights out' during a storm! I put coconut oil in one for my face (when I think to use it).

    1. lotta joy,
      Those are all good ideas. I eat lots of pimiento that are in small jars. I have about 50 in a box, stored away. I use at least one jar of pimiento each month, but only finish a boullion cube jar once a year.

      The jars ARE fantastic. I put instant tea in one and took it to a restaurant where the tea is always gross.

      Candles are a great idea. Thanks.


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