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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Curb Shopping

3 pots on the curb

It's not much, but I was happy. These pots have been on the curb for several days. I passed them going to Lowe's and on the way back. They sat in buckets that held sheet rock mud, stacked one inside another.
Finally, today, with exbf in car on the way back from Lowe's, I came to a screeching halt right in the road, popped the trunk and ran (as well as I can run) and pulled out these three. I did not bother pulling to the curb, turning off the car, or explaining what I was doing. He is accustomed to my scrounging around in people's trash.
The one on the left is my favorite. The middle one is the kind that has its own reservoir, and the third is a hanging basket that just needs its wires reattached.
This is the time of the year for finding planters. Don't you think so?  I hope to find a table for outdoors. 
Your turn
Have you found anything good on the curb lately? Ever?  


  1. Ohh, good score! You can never have to many pots on hand.

  2. Katidids,
    That's my sentiment, exactly!

  3. I've never picked up anything from the curb, but it always amuses me when I see a toilet.


  4. Janie,
    Try curb shopping sometime. Some people pick up those toilets and use dozens of them in their backyard for planters.

  5. Wow! I never thought of that. I wouldn't put toilets in the backyard. I'd fill my front yard with them and take pictures of people sitting on them. Did you read The Help, or see the movie?

    1. I have also seen claw foot tubs used as backyard planter. One person had about two dozen cast iron tubs in the back yard.

      No, I did not see The Help or see the movie. Why?


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