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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Colgate Dental Deals

What a deal!

It was time to use coupons to get a great deal on toothbrushes, mouthwash, and toothpaste. I paid $2.82 for three bottles 8.4 oz. of mouthwash, four toothbrushes, and one tube of toothpaste.
About the mouthwash, the names of the flavors were off-putting. You may notice I bought one of each of the three flavors--Peppermint Blast (blue), Spearmint Surge (green), Wintermint Rush (lavender). I wonder why they have to have flavors, and I wonder why they have to have such names as blast, surge, and rush. I am not of the age that I have to be entertained or impressed by my mouthwash's physicality. I don't even need pretty colors.  I bought all three flavors, hoping I might get one that is not gross.
I paid $2.82 for three 8.4 oz. Colgate mouthwash, four Colgate toothbrushes, and one tube of toothpaste. Retail price was $10.92.
Remember, I supply three adult children, dil, and four grandchildren with toothpaste and toothbrushes. So, this is not too much to buy. I don't have a garage full of dental care products, just half a garage filled. Plus, I will fill six shoe boxes for children at Christmas. My daughter in NYC donated some things I gave her to Sandy victims. So, dental hygiene items are continually being depleted here.
If any of the mouthwash items is gross, mouthwash will still kill, it will not go to waste. However, knowing me, I will just use it and be grossed out.
And, I found a penny on the ground, heads up!
Your turn
Have you had any great dental hygiene buys lately? Any great buys at all this week?


  1. I may have previously mentioned this find but I am still excited about it.

    My most recent wonderful deal was more than a week ago and didn't involve coupons. I ran across one of those once in a lifetime thrift store deals. I got a box full (42 pieces) of vintage FRANCISCAN dishes, IVY pattern in perfect condition for only $19.95! I will use them for awhile then most likely pass them on to my sister. She also collects this pattern.

  2. Janet,
    I don't think I have heard this before. But, I know the pattern you mean. That was a good deal. Congratulations to you and your sister.

  3. I got a very good buy on Colgate toothpaste recently, 99 cents for a large tube. I think lavender toothpaste sounds disgusting. I had a lavender Belgian chocolate once. It was like eating perfume. Loved all the other Belgian chocolates, though. The Hurricane got them for me in, of all places, Belgium.


  4. Janie,
    That is a very good price on a large tube of toothpaste. It was colored lavender, not the taste. I think that would be gross. LOL...Belgian chocolates from novel.

    Basically, the toothpaste and toothbrush were free. So, I was happy.


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