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Friday, June 14, 2013

Jennifer Aniston Has Backyard Chickens!

I have always liked Jennifer Aniston, and for good reason.

Following the stars is not my thing. However, what they have in their backyards might be interesting. I was not sorry I clicked on the article. 
You can be sure she will only be drinking coffee and watching, not doing the dirty work. But, that's okay.


  1. Jennifer never struck me as a chicken lady. I think that's cool, but I didn't like living in a large house and hers is more than twice as big as the one X and I had.


  2. She played a spoiled, entitled, supported brat and made herself a bunch of money. I know she had a privileged life in real life, but who knows what she really is like? Not me. Her house is larger than my largest house--4000 sq ft. But, I doubt my kitchen or any other room is as large as she I like living in an adequate house.


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