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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Cool Summer Dinner

Cool eating
Romaine, radicchio, tomato, cheese, turkey, dressing
Too much dressing even for me.
Yellow squash and shredded carrots were put in post picture-taking.

sweet corn
Not supposed to be yellow!

white grapes, blackberries

Wednesday was such a torrid day. Okay, the heat index was 94. It was not the heat that hurt so much; it was the humidity. Add in no ac and no windows to open, and it is so miserable inside. The one 5000 BTU ac far away does not cool six feet from the front of the ac, so 25 feet to the kitchen the air is heavy and oppressive.
I baked the  free turkey late the night before, bagged the wings, legs, and thighs for exbf. The breast is mine and stays here. The corn had to be boiled, heating the house but only for a short time. Plus, I did not have to stay in the room.
Corn was $0.50 for each ear. The only way I could get it in the small, square Corelle pot was to break it in half. I had eaten most of mine before I took the picture. Often white corn is sweeter than yellow. I don't know why.
These blackberries were about ten-cents apiece. I paid $3 for less than a cup of blackberries. AND, the blackberries were on special, marked down from $5.49 for the tiny box. It was a splurge that I may regret later this month.
Dinner was painless and delicious. Oh, after we did lots of hard work--hard because of weather and our failing physical prowess, we had an ice cream cone from Burger King for $.50. I told him I wanted to get a bag of salad from the store and he might as well just sit in the car. After corn, bagged salad, tomatoes, milk, talking, waiting for printed Internet coupon, and whatever I did, he called me, asking what I was doing, saying that I had been in the store for 25 minutes. He has never, ever in 7 years we have known each other has he called me while I was shopping and he was waiting!  Shopping in a cool store seemed like a luxury compared to going home to no ac!
At least the turkey breast will last me a week!
How is cooking for you right now? Hot? Do you cook ahead so you won't have to cook in the heat of the day? What is your favorite cooking keep-cool method?


  1. My favorite keep-cool method is making a chocolate peanut butter protein shake with ice water. The blender churns it up, and nothing gets hot. I hate the humidity.


  2. Janie,
    I need that recipe. I will be making lots of fruit smoothies this summer.

    Humidity saps my energy now that I am older, fatter, and have chronic bronchitis.

  3. You probably don't want to know what the weather is like here in San Diego. Our hot weather will be here in a few weeks. You salad looks delicious Any idea why the blackberries were so expensive even on sale? I wonder where they were grown.

  4. Janet,
    Our hot weather will be here in a few weeks, too. LOL

    The blackberries were from Driscoll in CA. Now, you tell me why they are so expensive. I cannot afford another bit of them.


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