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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Blue Apple?

Will this blue apple  work? (BluApple) Is there a chemist or a fruitologist in the house? I just made up that word!

And, I read:
Using the BluApple ethylene gas absorber, you can extend the useful storage life of your produce up to three times longer.  Government experts have estimated a typical family of four throws away as much as $600 worth of spoiled produce each year.

The following information can be found here.
  • Includes 2 Blue Apple ethylene gas absorbers (Last 3 months each)
  • Includes 1 year supply of Blue Apple ethylene gas absorber refills
  • Pays for itself dozens of times over in the the first year alone
  • Average household can save up to $600 per year
  • Prolongs freshness and storage life of produce
  • Put in refrigerator crisper drawers or anywhere you keep fruit
  • Made in the USA
  • An absolute must for vegans and vegetarians
How Does the Blue Apple Work

"Ethylene gas is given off naturally by fruits and vegetables as a signaling mechanism in order to coordinate uniform ripening. However, once concentrated in your refrigerator or other storage areas, the presence of ethylene gas continues to speed up ripening and hasten spoilage.
The BluApple ethylene gas absorber is designed to provide effective ethylene gas absorption for three months in a typical home refrigerator produce bin or storage container. The active ingredient does not "wear out", but continues to absorb ethylene until it has reached its capacity. A One Year Refill Kit rounds out the BluApple ethylene gas management product line, allowing consumers to reuse BluApples and not add them to landfills."

I am not considering buying one of the BluApples, but I wonder if it works.

Your turn
Does anyone have this Blue Apple? If so, does it work? Is there a simpler method that duplicates the action of the Blue Apple?


  1. Fascinating! I haven't heard of this product until now. If it works in the pantry or root cellar it may very well be a wise investment for anyone who puts food up for winter! Thanks.

    p.s. I procured an extra dozen eggs from my good neighbour this week and plan on freezing them. :-)

  2. Sue,
    I never thought about using this in a root cellar, but that is a good thought. I wonder if sticking one in with the sweet potatoes I store in a cool room would work.

    So, this winter you will have eggs, too. I only have four on the counter because I am trying to put them in the freezer as I gather them before they get old or have to be tossed. Good job.

  3. I think the 'active ingredient' is activated charcoal. Activated charcoal can be 're-charged' by heating it,either in a microwave, an oven or out in the direct sun.


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