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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Chickens on the Courthouse Step My Horoscope

My Courthouse Step in Front Yard
Cool Bench

I told you that having chickens was frugal fun! Thelma has never been on this bench. I believe Lucy is a bad influence. They are in the front corner of my yard at the retaining wall side, the corner of the yard. They are so precious, just sitting and waiting for me to come closer. I was so excited trying to get this picture. I think I was jiggling the camera. I really don't want them on benches or tables, but still wanted this shot.
Benches in the yard all around the house suit my style. This bench is made from one of the old courthouse steps. My neighbor who died at 94-years-old owned this. Her family gave it to me. The step was originally about two feet longer. I paid a tow truck to bring the step to my yard and DROP it and break it. I was very annoyed but said nothing. I brought the two stones under each end to my yard with my wagon, pulling them along the street and sometimes letting them slide into the road. ACK!
You notice how the step is not on the stones evenly? When my neighbor brought my generator to me, the one I had to purchase while I had no electricity after a tornado, she backed her husband's truck into the bench, scooting the step to the other end. Of course, I did not mention it except to ask her if she ruined his truck.
Charlie could have used a long pipe I have as a lever to even it up, but he had just had shoulder and two carpal tunnel surgeries. So, it sits crooked. Oh well.
My Horoscope Today
I never check my horoscope except when it is right in front of me. Then, I read the other signs to see how many of those fit me, too. Today, only the Virgo horoscope was visible. See?
Your experimental ideas are a little weird to outsiders, but you can tell that you're onto something. Tinker with your routines and see what you learn -- things can change for the better today.

Hmmmm? Weird?

Yes, my no tp, no paper towels, no paper napkins is really weird, especially the substitute tp. Keeping chickens is strange to some people. I do experiment. Shockingly, people say I am eccentric.

Tinker with my routines? Does talking to a new guy count?  We have a long history of talking. So, it has been ten or twelve years since we met. We will see. I really want to believe this horoscope is true.
UPDATE: Talking ended after two days. Whatever!

Your turn
Does it seem one animal influences the other for bad? Who reads a horoscope seriously? Do you have a cool bench from something not meant for a bench? Any re-use items in the yard?


  1. I love the stone bench...especially with your chickens on it. :-) Oh! my goodness! You've given me a fabulous idea for some of the foundation rocks from this property's old barn! That is the second fabulous-to-me idea you've given this spring. The frozen eggs, and now the stone bench. I know you don't do Pinterest, Linda, but I'm pinning this right now so I don't forget!

  2. Sue,
    Ah, glad you like my stone bench. I have a 6" x 12" board, from this house built in 1902. I am in the process of turning it into something--bench if it is sturdy enough or a table for potting and vegetables to grow.

    I know there is a way to see what is on Pinterest that people have put there from my posts, but don't know how to access them.

    If you make benches, you can have them in places to rest from the sun or places to rest while working in the garden.

    The chickens do dress up the bench!

    1. Correction to my reply: the board is 6 feet by 12 inches, approximately, certainly not 6 inches!

  3. As a fellow Virgo I applaud eccentricities ....but you must tell me more about the no TP thing. My brother-in-law, who lives in his RV in front of our house, shares a no TP mind set. If you remember, my brother-in law is actually the brother of my husband's first wife. Life is complicated isn't it?

    You are talking to a new guy? GOOD FOR YOU! Go for it!

  4. Janet,
    My birthday is Sept 11. When is yours?

    I use washcloths instead of tp. I could use sewing scraps or scraps of old clothing. A guy would need less tp for anything. What does he use? My girly parts thank me since there is now no itchiness or irritation from tp.

    This is the third time we have talked in 13 or so years, only met the first time, so he will have to really want to see me. I am a little skeptical.


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