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Friday, February 17, 2012

Target is Stalking You?

In case you ever wondered why a store wants so much information, this article tells you some interesting, true, and creepy stories. Blogger still will not allow me to make a link tied to a word, so here goes with the primitive method.
Read this second. It's long....New York Times article:
Your turn
Do you ever have to argue like I do in order to pay cash without giving your telephone number? Is this not creepy?


  1. The full New York Times article about Target was incredible; I'm shocked that such a key employee was dumb enough to spill all their secrets to a reporter! And now I understand why I never receive those special Target coupon booklets that are sometimes referenced on bargain websites: they know from analyzing my shopping habits that they aren't going to make much money off of me, so why bother?

    Places that ask for personal information even when you pay cash are the worst, so it's great that you stand up for yourself.

  2. Hops,
    Sometimes, Ijust make up a telephone number or give them the number of another retailer. It really feels good to do

  3. Hops,
    I edited to put in the NYT article. That was what I read first and thought I put on the blog.

  4. Cash seems to upset the "apple cart". I have the same problem, especially if it is a big ticket item. Thanks for stopping by my blog....I did respond to your comment on the same page. If you want some help with your blog posting problems, let me know.
    I'm in Texas....I hope you and your followers will visit my blog.

  5. Meggie,
    Thanks. I still don't have the blog thing solved since I cannot post pictures. And, the paragraph thing comes and goes. I will go back and see the answer. Okay, everybody go pay her blog a visit. I enjoy it.

  6. One time when I was pregnant I had to buy some maternity tights (with cash). I went to a large national chain at the mall to buy them. The woman behind the counter asked for my phone number. I politely told her I preferred not to give it. She rang me up then said to me "you are such a bitch- why won't you just give your number?" She then threw my change at me. I was shocked- demanded the name of her manager which she refused to give me. It turned into a full confrontation when I was 8 months pregnant. I did report her to the local and state manager who both wrote me letters of apology but I never went in that store again.


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